Securing the Cloud #27

Securing the Cloud #27

Welcome to the 27th Securing the Cloud Newsletter! Explore cloud security trends, career insights, and learning resources. This edition focuses on Data Security and Cryptography with community perspectives, a cryptography career guide, exam tips for dyslexic learners, insights on CNAPP and VPC Lattice, and essential DevSecOps certifications.

Brandon Carroll
Amazon Employee
Published Apr 20, 2024
Welcome to the 27th edition of the Securing the Cloud Newsletter! In this issue, we dive into the latest trends and insights in cloud security, explore career development opportunities, and share valuable learning resources. Additionally, we feature insightful perspectives from our community members. This weeks edition is focused on Data Security and Cryptography. Is that your area of expertise? If so, join the conversation and share your insights. Here we go!

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  1. Ever-changing CNAPP. In this blog, I would like to introduce… | by Shun Yoshie | Mar, 2024 | Medium - In this article, Shun talks about CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms), emerging as a comprehensive approach to ensuring security in cloud-native environments, integrating various previously siloed security functions like container scanning, CSPM, IaC scanning, CIEM, and CWPP.
  2. VPC Lattice: yet another connectivity option or a game-changer? - Proud2beCloud Blog - In this article, VPC Lattice, a fairly new AWS service that simplifies secure communication and management of microservices across different AWS accounts and VPCs, is explored through an example deployment highlighting its key components, workflow, benefits, and limitations compared to other connectivity options.
  3. Kickstarting Your DevSecOps Career - The 4 Essential Certifications You Need - DEV Community - In this article, my friend Damien Burks summarizes four pivotal certifications for launching a DevSecOps career: CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Linux+, AWS Certified Developer - Associate, and Certified Kubernetes Administrator, highlighting their importance and key focus areas along with emphasizing hands-on experience through projects and lab work. Well that's it for this week. I hope you've found this round-up useful. If so, I encourage you to subscribe, share, and leave your comments on this edition of the newsletter. Happy Labbing!

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