Migration Adventures - S02E6 - VPC Lattice in migration scenarios

Migration Adventures - S02E6 - VPC Lattice in migration scenarios

Simplifying modernization of your monolithic application using Amazon VPC Lattice

Marin Frankovic
Amazon Employee
Published Apr 25, 2024
Last Modified May 18, 2024
In this episode we explore VPC Lattice and how it help during modernization efforts of existing monolith applications. We will cover:
  • Modernization and different patterns
  • Network Complexity for Modernization
  • Intro to VPC Lattice - Concepts and Roles and responsibilities and show one diagram of how it works
  • Security for VPC Lattice and Modernization (we will discuss 3 layers of security)
  • Breaking down monoliths into Microservices - in same account, diff VPC, multi-account diff VPC
  • B/G or Canary deployments weighted routing (same account, diff VPC)/ Path and Host based routing
  • Ref arch for Application dependency and Consumer-app security
  • Resources, Q&A, share roadmap
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