Becoming AWSome featuring Faisal Fareed, Principal Solutions Architect

Becoming AWSome featuring Faisal Fareed, Principal Solutions Architect

Innovation, personal discovery and choices, affinity groups and more!

Ray Thomas
Amazon Employee
Published Apr 30, 2024
Last Modified May 8, 2024
In this enlightening episode of "Becoming AWSome," host Ray Thomas engages with Faisal Fareed, Principal Solutions Architect, from AWS's Global Financial Services org. They delve into his personal career journey and the strategic reasons behind his decision to transition from a leadership position to an individual contributor (IC) role at AWS, despite his previous experience as a people leader. Ray starts off by acknowledging his co-host Jenna Lass's absence, as she attends her son’s university presentation, emphasizing the importance of work-life balance.
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Key Highlights and Detailed Points from Faisal's Discussion πŸ“ˆπŸ”

  • Career Transition Insight πŸ”„: Faisal shared his thoughts on moving from a people leadership role to an IC role at AWS, a decision driven by his desire to focus deeply on technology and innovation without the managerial responsibilities. This move reflects a strategic choice to influence AWS's services and client solutions more directly.
  • Leadership Philosophy πŸ’‘: He discussed how leadership at AWS isn't confined to those with direct reports. AWS values the leadership impact of individual contributors who can lead projects and initiatives, shaping the company’s strategy and execution.
  • Role of Leadership Principles πŸ“œ: Faisal emphasized the importance of AWS's leadership principles, which guide both individual contributors and people managers. He highlighted how these principles foster a culture where every employee is seen as a leader, regardless of their role.
  • Impact as an IC 🎯: Faisal articulated his ability to leverage his expertise more effectively in an IC role, focusing on specialized areas within AWS's financial services sector, thus having a significant impact on product development and client interactions.
  • Affinity Groups and Diversity 🀝: Faisal expressed his appreciation for AWS's affinity groups, discussing how they support diverse perspectives and foster an inclusive environment. He highlighted how participation in these groups has enriched his experience at AWS, allowing him to connect with colleagues on shared interests and challenges, enhancing both personal growth and professional development.
  • Advice for Aspiring Professionals πŸš€: He advised those aspiring to build a career in tech to consider both IC and leadership paths, depending on where they feel they can make the greatest impact. AWS offers flexibility and support for career growth in both directions.
  • Upcoming Projects and Initiatives 🌐: Faisal teased some upcoming projects at AWS that aim to revolutionize financial services through advanced cloud solutions, showing the dynamic opportunities available even for ICs to lead significant advancements.
This episode offered a deep dive into the nuances of career paths within tech giants like AWS, showcasing how individual choices align with personal goals and company culture, ultimately influencing the industry's evolution.

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