Discussing Golang

Discussing Golang

A short overview of Golang

Published Apr 29, 2024
Good morning folks! If you're familiar with coding languages and the different ones being used then you've no doubt heard of Golang. Golang or "Go" for short is a programming language whose main focus is simplicity, reliability, and efficiency and oh, it was created at Google as well.
Next to Python, Golang is another language you can become familiar with as you further your career in Cloud/DevOps. Personally, I've created some projects in Amazon Web Services using Go and that has helped me familiarize myself with the language despite not being an "expert".
Over the couple of weeks I'll be talking more about Go but there are many courses out there as well as a good community to learn from in order to become good at Go. I hope this helps.
Fun fact: the mascot for Go is a Gopher
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