Meet The Gophers

Meet The Gophers

Projects that you can do with Golang

Published May 6, 2024
Good morning folks! Like Python, you can do projects with Golang that showcase your skills and knowledge as an Cloud/DevOps Engineer. Having personally done projects in Golang in , they have helped in learning the Golang language and how it can be used. To start, you can also do projects in AWS as well. Golang has its own library for interacting with services within AWS such as S3, EC2 and DynamoDB. Here are some projects you can do to get started with Golang/AWS:
🟩 Creating and Uploading Files To AWS S3 Using Go - In this project, you can create a Go script that will upload files to your S3 bucket that you've created. This can be a great way to get start in understanding Golang and how to write it and practice more within AWS.
🟦 Launching a Webserver Using Docker - You can use Golang to create a webserver with the help of Docker Hub to create a webserver such as NGINX for example. This can be good way to get exposure to Docker and Golang.
◼️ Extracting File Data - In learning more about Golang, you can create a Go script that will extract certain file data needed such as the name and file size or certain files. This can be a starter project to get practice in the coding language.
Overall, these projects can be beneficial to you learning the Golang language and seeing how it can be used in different scenarios depending on the need for it. Remember that coding is a step-by-step process and you don't become proficient at it overnight. I hope this helps.
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