Trusted Identity Propagation Feature | S02EP18 | Lets talk about data show

Trusted Identity Propagation Feature | S02EP18 | Lets talk about data show

In this Twitch session, we talk about how to simplify data access control for large-scale data lakes with trusted identity propagation feature.

Lydia Ray
Amazon Employee
Published May 9, 2024
In this season 2 episode 18 of "Let's Talk About Data" show hosted by Lydia, Shoukat demonstrates how to setup data access permission at-scale by using new feature called Trusted Identity Propagation.
At enterprise scale, data lake administrators must control data access permissions and governance for all users. Some database tables or columns may contain sensitive data that requires protection from unauthorized access. As organizations grow, managing granular access controls across different data analytics tools for increasing users and groups becomes extremely complex. Trusted identity propagation feature helps data lake administrator to manage data access control and governance for the data lakes.
AWS Trusted Identity Propagation enables granting data permissions directly to corporate user identities from identity providers like Okta or Azure AD, without provisioning AWS IAM roles. It provides centralized data access governance and auditing across the AWS analytics service portfolio like Athena, EMR, Redshift and more. This simplifies managing data access at scale by avoiding role mapping for varied requirements.
Some of the key highlights are:
  • Simplified access management at scale without role provisioning.
  • Central data access governance across the AWS analytics platform.
  • Fine-grained table/column level access control.
  • Auditing data access tied to corporate identities.
  • Supports hybrid access to cataloged and uncataloged data.
In summary, AWS Trusted Identity Propagation provides a scalable, centralized solution to manage and audit data permissions for corporate users across AWS data lakes and analytics services like Athena, EMR, Redshift and more.
Hosts of the show 🎤 Lydia Ray - Sr Analytics Solution Architect @ AWS
Guests 🎤 Shoukat Ghouse - Sr Big Data Solution Architect @ AWS

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