Coding Aids That Can Make A DevOps/Cloud Engineer Better

Coding Aids That Can Make A DevOps/Cloud Engineer Better

This article is covering different coding aids to help engineers

Published May 13, 2024
Hey Folks 🙋🏾‍♂️! Over the past few weeks I've touched on coding and different coding languages such as Python and Golang. It's worth noting that coding can be a skill that can be intimidating to the point you don't want to learn it but it shouldn't have to be. In the age of AI, coding has become a little easier and having personally used it to assist me I can say it can be used as a learning tool and helping hand and not something to cut corners on. Here are 3 coding aids that can help make life as an Engineer better:
🤖ChatGPT : ChatGPT can be beneficial in helping you learn coding as it can break down code you may otherwise not be skillful enough to read or not familiar with. For example, if you want to learn how and why that line of code is where its at and why its there ChatGPT can break that down to you and explain it to you.
☁️ Amazon Q: Amazon Q is another coding aid that can make life easier for you as an Engineer when you're coding. If you're not familiar with Amazon Q, Amazon Q can generate code, debugs, and other capabilities that can help you with coding. This aid can definitely help if you're coding AWS services.
🐱GitHub Copilot: GitHub Copilot is a coding aid that can provide you assistance in writing code faster making software development more efficient. It can provide auto- complete suggestions as you write out your code. More so, you can ask it to help solve problems through it's chat feature that makes coding a little easier for an engineer.
In closing, while not always accurate using these coding can provide the service of helping you not only help you in becoming an efficient coder but learning how to code and how that code works. I hope this helps.
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