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Introducing Amazon EC2 C7i-flex instances

Published May 14, 2024
AWS has just announced the general availability of Amazon EC2 C7i-flex instances, and this is big news for anyone looking to maximize their cloud computing efficiency. But what exactly are these instances, and why should you care?
Amazon EC2, or Elastic Compute Cloud, is Amazon Web Services' cloud computing platform that offers scalable virtual private servers known as instances. These instances provide computing power, allowing users to run a wide range of applications.
With each new generation of Amazon EC2 instances, there's a promise of increased performance and price-performance benefits. However, many customers don't fully utilize the computing capabilities of these instances, meaning they might end up paying for performance they don't actually need. This is where Amazon EC2 Flex instances come in.
Amazon EC2 Flex instances are purpose-built to deliver the latest generation processor features and price-performance benefits. They offer the easiest way for users to achieve the performance they need at lower prices for a majority of common workloads.
The newly introduced C7i-flex instances are particularly noteworthy. Powered by the 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable custom processors (Sapphire Rapids), these instances offer up to 19% better price performance compared to C6i instances. Additionally, they boast 5% lower prices compared to C7i instances.
One of the key features of C7i-flex instances is their flexibility in sizing. They offer the most common sizes, from large to 8xlarge, making them a great first choice for applications that don't fully utilize all compute resources. This means you can seamlessly run web and application servers, databases, caches, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, and more.
But what about workloads that need larger instance sizes or continuous high CPU usage? For those, you can still leverage C7i instances.
Here's the kicker: C7i-flex instances are available in multiple AWS Regions, including US West (N. California), Europe (Ireland, London, Paris, Spain, Stockholm), Canada (Central), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Singapore), and South America (São Paulo). This wide availability ensures that users across the globe can take advantage of these powerful instances.
So, what does all of this mean for you? It means you can save costs and boost your performance today with Amazon EC2 Flex instances. Whether you're migrating existing workloads, building new ones, or simply running your applications, these instances offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance.