Work Smarter, Not Harder with Observability using Amazon Q Developer

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Observability using Amazon Q Developer

In a world where applications are highly distributed, loosely coupled, and leveraging the backbone of the cloud, it becomes imperative the usage of observability to keep things under control. But implementing observability is not a trivial task. It requires coding, the usage of complex configuration files, and a considerable amount of plumbing to get things together. But what if you could get a little help with these things using Generative AI? 😉

Ricardo Ferreira
Amazon Employee
Published May 16, 2024
I just released in the AWS Developers YouTube channel a three parts use case focused on showing how to implement an end-to-end observability scenario using Amazon Q Developer.
1️⃣ The first part starts things off showing how to use Amazon Q Developer to instrument a Golang microservice to create traces. In this video, you can see the dynamic of working with AI coding tools and how much *it* understands about OpenTelemetry with Go.
2️⃣ The second part continues with the implementation showing how to implement an OpenTelemetry Collector with Docker. Here, you get to see actual problems rising; like compilation and runtime errors. More importantly, how Amazon Q Developer helps fix them.
3️⃣ The third and last part concludes the use case by showing how to use Amazon Q Developer to configure the OpenTelemetry Collector to send the traces to AWS X-Ray. You get to see a real troubleshooting scenario about ports not really available outside the container.
Stay tuned for more use cases implemented using Amazon Q Developer. Also, I would love to hear your experiences with the product implementing them. Share your thoughts in the comments below; and if you feel excited about, describe your journey here at the community.aws website.
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