Ways To Document Your Cloud/DevOps Journey

Ways To Document Your Cloud/DevOps Journey

In this article I give insight on what platforms you can use to showcase your work

Published May 20, 2024
Happy Monday folks 🙋🏾‍♂️! Documentation/having a portfolio is a huge part of helping you get in the door as an engineer. Most people who aspire to become an Engineer often don't understand this concept as I didn't exactly understand it and why it was needed when I first started out. Documentation can carry you into your career as you will more than likely write documentation for your organization's Confluence page which is something that I'm doing now.
Here are some ways to document your work:
Medium ⚪⚫- Medium is a popular website where you can showcase your work of the projects that you worked on throughout your cloud journey and beyond as you learn new technologies and skills on the job and incorporate them into your own personal projects. More so, you can get your articles that you write published by different publications and that will give your articles legitimacy.
Word document 🟦- Having a word document can help in writing your projects as well and showcasing your work to a recruiter or hiring manager along with showcasing it to a wider audience such as LinkedIn for example!
WordPress 🟠 - For full transparency I haven't used WordPress before but you can use that place your projects on and showcase them. The website has many features but "creating a blog" can definitely aid in you showcasing your work.
Documentation of your projects is like a highlight reel of some of your best highlights of your abilities and skills as a football player and basketball player. It generates curiosity and interest as an employer who's looking for the next best engineer to join the team. I hope this helps. 👨🏾‍💻
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