Becoming AWSome featuring David Ryder, Specialist Solutions Architecture Manager

Becoming AWSome featuring David Ryder, Specialist Solutions Architecture Manager

AI/ML, SLG/EDU, Drones and more!

Ray Thomas
Amazon Employee
Published May 23, 2024
Last Modified May 29, 2024
AWS's live stream podcast, Becoming AWSome, hosted by Ray Thomas and Jenna Lass, recently featured an insightful conversation with David Ryder, a Specialist Solutions Architecture Manager. David, who supports state and local government (SLG) and education (EDU) customers, shared his expertise and experiences in AI/ML. šŸ¤– The discussion navigated through his career journey, the impact of AI/ML in the public sector, the human element of working at AWS, and the specific roles he is looking to fill within his team, emphasizing the importance of passion and expertise in AI/ML. šŸš€šŸŒŸ
Here's David's ā€‹ā€‹AI/ML Solutions Architect Opening.
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Key Highlights

  • Introduction and Background
    • šŸŒ David Ryder shares his background in technology and his journey to becoming a Specialist Solutions Architecture Manager at AWS.
    • šŸ« His role involves supporting SLG and EDU customers, helping them leverage AI/ML technologies to solve complex problems.
  • AI/ML in the Public Sector
    • šŸ¤– The discussion highlights the transformative power of AI/ML in the public sector, particularly in improving public services and educational outcomes.
    • šŸ“Š Examples of successful AI/ML projects include predictive analytics for city planning and personalized learning experiences in education.
  • Team and Role Details
    • šŸš€ David emphasizes the importance of building a team with diverse skills and a strong passion for AI/ML.
    • šŸ“Œ He is looking for individuals with a deep understanding of AI/ML technologies and a keen interest in applying these technologies to public sector challenges.
    • šŸ§  Key qualities sought include problem-solving abilities, a collaborative mindset, and the capability to communicate complex ideas effectively.
  • Human Aspect of AWS
    • šŸ’¼ David shares personal anecdotes about the supportive and innovative culture at AWS.
    • šŸ‘« The conversation underscores the importance of a collaborative environment and the value of continuous learning and development at AWS.
  • Career Advice and Insights
    • šŸ“ˆ David offers valuable career advice for aspiring AI/ML professionals, stressing the significance of hands-on experience and staying current with technological advancements.
    • šŸ’” He encourages candidates to showcase their passion for technology and their ability to adapt to new challenges.
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