How can I use AI to Kickstart my Career?

How can I use AI to Kickstart my Career?

Get a KICKSTART to your cloud career with AI tools to optimize the way you're showcasing your experience

Markelle Andrews
Amazon Employee
Published May 31, 2024
Did you know that according to the US Department of Labor — an average person switches jobs between 5-7 times? Are you interested in switching into a career in cloud computing? Are you interested in improving your resume to highlight your accomplishments and tell the story of your successes to showcase in a job application?
If you answered yes to any of these, then this 6-week Twitch series - Kickstart Your Cloud Career Using AI is for you! It will teach you to harness the power of artificial intelligence to improve your resume, interview skills, and help with your job search.
Join our expert hosts (including me) as we walk through real-world examples, actionable tips and hands-on activities. We'll also showcase awesome AI tools like a free PartyRock Resume Optimizer to show you how to improve your resume, and share free courses to improve your AI and cloud skills on AWS Educate. Plus, access an exclusive AI practice interview tool to rehearse and get custom feedback.
From teaching to sales, recruitment, and project management- my journey into the tech industry has been unconventional. Each role has honed my communication, leadership, and problem solving skills. Now, armed with multiple certifications and industry insights, my current role within AWS Cloud Institute empowers me to provide encouragement and support to the next generation of technical talent! By embracing diverse perspectives and backgrounds we can lead innovative paths in tech!
By the end, you'll have a competitive edge to land your dream cloud job. Join us on Twitch and let's kickstart your career!
Here are the details for the series: Kickstart Your Cloud Career using AI
Mondays, June 3 - July 8
Time: 2-3pm PT
Hosted By:
Zach Hurt @zachhurtaws
Emily Bayuk @thestemdiaries
Markelle Andrews @ImperfectlyTech

Episode Descriptions:

| E1 | Resume Prep: Optimize Your Resume with AI and discover AI-powered resume building and get your docs job-ready.
| E2 | Portfolio Development: Build an Irresistible Portfolio to stand and showcase your skills.
| E3 | Interview Best Practices: Ace Technical Interviews Prepare to tackle tough interview questions using AI practice tools.
| E4 | Ask Me Anything -Live Q&A with Cloud Builders: Live Q&A with Cloud Experts Get candid career tips and tricks from professionals in the field.
| E5 | Networking: Boost Your Personal Brand
Learn to market yourself like a pro on social media and beyond.
| E6 | Ask Me Anything : Personal Branding and Continuous learning: Presentation Skills & Continued Learning Hear how to stay relevant in an ever-changing tech landscape.
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