Three ways i am now using Amazon Q

Three ways i am now using Amazon Q

Amazon Q, the AI-powered coding assistant, is more than a productivity tool

Stuart Clark
Amazon Employee
Published Jun 4, 2024
I am a few weeks in now using Amazon Q, having never use anything like this before other than VSCode extensions, This is a huge paradigm shift in how I now interact with code and AWS cloud infrastructure. By leveraging these advanced machine learning models, Amazon Q is streamlining my AWS workflows, enhances code quality, and encourages me to tackle complex tasks with unprecedented efficiency. I am not the only one too! A recent study found 71% of developers work with AI in some capacity, primarily using AI tools in their workflows (59%) and adding AI functionality to applications (25%). A smaller percentage (13%) are involved in developing or customizing AI models.
I am often asked how I got started and what so, let's explore five technical use cases that showcase the power of Amazon Q which i am using daily.

Python Script Automation: Beyond Boilerplate

Amazon Q isn't just about code completion, it understands the context of my Python scripts and can generate entire blocks of code tailored to my needs as I am building and writing code. For example, I was working on Intelligent Data Transformation in S3. I am very new to this, but was able to build this much faster using Amazon Q.
Intelligent Data Transformation in S3

From Concept to CloudFormation

Amazon Q has also accelerated my IaC journey by generating CloudFormation templates, SAM templates, and Terraform configurations based on natural language descriptions of desired project I am working on. I spent years building YAML and managing this in a former life, so to be able to just describe what I need, I am now back in love with YAML.
From Concept to CloudFormation

More Than Just Style

I often need to go back to old code, if like me you wince a little at your code code, let's be friends! Really I need to be more kind to myself and remember that no one write perfect code. So this helps me me here as the refactoring capabilities go beyond stylistic improvements. When performance is key Amazon Q can suggest performance optimizations, identify potential security vulnerabilities, and help adhere to architectural best practices.
Optimizing a Lambda Function for Cost

The Future of Coding with AI

I am saving hours searching for answers and trying new things. I am also free of repetitive tasks, accelerate my learning, and create cleaner, more efficient code. So far I have Amazon Q assisted coding has lowered the barrier to entry for me and other developer I speak to. I am seeing how this can guide beginners through the learning process, offering explanations, examples, and suggestions, making coding more accessible and less intimidating.

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