Building SaaS on AWS Twitch show from June 5th, 2024

Building SaaS on AWS Twitch show from June 5th, 2024

Safeguarding Privacy with Generative AI Models

Anthony McClure
Amazon Employee
Published Jun 7, 2024
Data privacy, GDPR, the right to be forgotten, PII. Protecting private organization and customer data is a paramount concern of us all. Multi-tenant solutions add to this complexity with tenant isolation of data into this mix. Addressing these concerns and controlling access to identifying and otherwise private or secret information requires a comprehensive look at who needs such access and under what circumstances. As builders and architects we strive to meet or exceed these requirements in the software we design and build.
But what happens when Large Language Models (LLMs) producing Generative AI (GenAI) results is needed? How can you protect sensitive data but still allow for the fine tuning of the models to include customer and organization specific information? What about SaaS and multi-tenancy?
In the latest episode of 🔨 Building SaaS on AWS 🛠 we examined the challenges and solutions to addressing data privacy under many conditions including when GenAI is involved. Join me as I welcome show veterans and AWS's own Farooq Ashraf and Ravi Yadav as we meet with and learn from Sean Falconer from AWS partner Skyflow. Sean demonstrates how their tools provide solutions for the very problems surrounding LLMs, unstructured or classified data, PII and data security.
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