AWS AI Practitioner:  My journey as a collaborator on the  exam

AWS AI Practitioner: My journey as a collaborator on the exam

In this post, I write about my involvement in the certification development process for the new AWS AI Practitioner Certification exam as an AWS Certification SME

Published Jun 11, 2024
The new AWS AI Practitioner Certification just got announced, and I'm thrilled to share that I had the privilege of contributing to its creation. As part of the AWS Certification SME program, I was invited to join a group of experts worldwide in Seattle for a workshop. Our mission was to discuss the target candidate and the exam content, among other things.
The image shows the group of people who worked on the AI Practitioner workshop.
Group picture outside the Spheres (Credits to Aswath Ram Adayapalam Srinivasan)

During our time together in Seattle, we engaged in lively discussions and debates about the most important aspects of AI. We worked tirelessly to ensure that the exam accurately reflects the skills and knowledge required for professionals to validate their AI expertise. Once back home, I continued collaborating virtually with other SMEs on writing exam items and reviewing those created by others.
The image shows a group of people who worked on the content writing workshop
Content Writing Workshop

This experience was an incredible opportunity to share my expertise and learn from others as passionate about AI as I am. Through these workshops, I gained a deeper understanding of this field. I also developed new skills in writing technical text that tech professionals can easily understand, regardless of their culture or location, as the exam will be translated into many different languages.
One of the most rewarding aspects of this experience was connecting with like-minded individuals from AWS and other partners. We learned from each other's diverse perspectives and expertise. Together, we worked towards a common goal: creating an exam thousands of people would take globally to validate their AI skills.
Similar to what happened with the Cloud Practitioner exam, this exam will be taken by tech and non-tech people who want to demonstrate their knowledge of AI (Think of Executives, Developers, Sales, Hiring Managers, etc.)
I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of this project and look forward to seeing its impact on the industry.
You can learn more about this new certification here or the AWS Certification SME program here.