Build On Live | Open Source & Machine Learning

Build On Live | Open Source & Machine Learning

Build On Live event focused on the wonderful world of Open Source and Machine learning.

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Published Jun 28, 2023
Last Modified Jun 25, 2024
Jacquie, Mike and Darko at the set
Join the second Build On Live Event of 2023: Build On Live | Open Source & ML! The Developer Advocate hosts will be chatting with expert guests about various top of mind topics from the open source and machine learning worlds. By tuning into this event you can expect to learn about key areas like: building applications & tools using AI, how to use AI to boost your productivity, how to use AI responsibly, & much more.

Hosts of the show

Everyone is friends, so join in the conversation both on or off the air with your hosts!
  • Mike Chambers, Specialist Developer Advocate: From the far flung lands of Brisbane, Australia. Reach out to him on Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Jacquie Grindrod, Senior Developer Advocate: Coming in from Vancouver, BC. Talk with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Darko Mesaroš (Дарко Месарош), Senior Developer Advocate: Driving all the way up from Seattle, WA. Talk with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Schedule and Show notes

Here is the schedule of the day and the show notes of each session:
NameSpeakerLink to Show Notes
Using Large Language Models to Chat to Your DocumentsHeiko Hotz, Sr. Machine Learning SA, AWSShow Notes
Video Translation Using AIGilbert Young Jr, Sr. Serverless Developer, Serverless GuruShow Notes
Creating Safer Online Communities using AITodd Sharp, Principal Developer Advocate, Amazon IVS, TwitchShow Notes
Responsibility and Security in Generative AIMike Chambers, Specialist Developer Advocate, AWSShow Notes
Reinforcement Learning With Human FeedbackEmily Webber, Principal AI/ML Specialist SA, AWSShow Notes
Generating Code With Amazon CodeWhispererDavid Ernst, Sr. DevOps Specialist SA, AWSShow Notes
If you rather check out the entire live stream from the start to the end (technical issues and all), you can do so here:

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