Generating fake Star Wars quotes with Amazon Bedrock | S02 E30 | Build On Weekly

It's time to slowly wrap up our Star Wars quotes generator story. This time, by adding some Generative AI features to it. Watch Banjo and Darko add some Amazon Bedrock magic to this most amazing app

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Published Oct 12, 2023
Last Modified Jun 25, 2024
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In today's live stream, Darko is joined by Banjo, as we discuss and implement some Generative AI into the all mighty Star Wars quote generator app. This time, we are actually adding the generator into this app. We had fun, we troubleshooted Lambda functions, Generated some fake Star Wars quotes, and fixed CORS. All in a days work! 👏
We have the code available for you if you wish to deploy it for yourself or follow along. But if you are very curious to see how did a Lambda Function invoke Amazon Bedrock here it is:
But if you are looking to learn a bit about:
  • How to start your Adventure with Amazon Bedrock
  • How to invoke a model on Amazon Bedrock with a Lambda function
  • How to (not) make good React code
  • How to fix CORS on API Gateway and Lambda
Make sure to check out the full stream recording here:

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