Extract, Transform, Lock and Load | S2 E18 | Build On Weekly

Jacquie and Darko are laundring some data with Amazon EMR and Apache Spark

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Published May 18, 2023
Last Modified Jun 25, 2024
The architecture diagram of the thing Jacquie and Darko are trying to build
Today, Jacquie and Darko are going to follow a blog post by our colleague Suman, and go ahead and build an ETL Pipeline with Amazon EMR and Apache Spark. We gather, process/clean(launder) data, crawl it, and put it into a Data Catalog. So if you are learning on how to get started with Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) and PySpark, make sure to check out this live stream.
Also - do you know how much data 3M security tape holds? At 6250 bytes per inch, on 2000 inches of tape? The math is simple - not enough.
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