Data Mesh Reference Architecture | S02 E19 | Build On Weekly

Today, Darko is joined by Dzenan and Vincent, as we take a look at the Analytics and Data Mesh Reference Architectures

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Published May 25, 2023
Last Modified Jun 25, 2024
Dzenan, Vincent and Darko Looking at some diagrams
Today, Dzenan, Vincent and Darko look at the Analytics and Data Mesh reference architectures, and how you can create them in your AWS Account with AWS CDK and the level 3 construct they have created. By just importing this construct and using it in your CDK code, you are able easily deploy different elements to your analytics infrastructure that are implemented with the best practices.
To easily get started, just install the necessary L3 construct in your TypeScript CDK repository by adding the following to your requirements.txt file:
Do NOTE the version of CDK, as this reference architecture requires a specific version of CDK to work.
Also, if you are interested in getting hands on with this, make sure to check out the Data Mesh workshop. And give Vincent and Dzenan a shoutout for any feedback. 👏
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