Amazon Bedrock and Bias Mitigation for LLMs | S02 E07 | Build On Generative AI

It's here, its ready, let's have a look at Amazon Bedrock. After a sneak peek at Amazon Bedrock, Emily and Darko discuss Bias Mitigation in LLMs

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Published Oct 2, 2023
Last Modified Jun 25, 2024
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The day is finally here, Amazon Bedrock is Available to all! 🥳 It's been a while since it was in preview, but we are very happy to finally have access to it now that it is Generally Available. Today Emily and Darko are joined by Mark, a Principal AI/ML Specialist SA as we take a look at how Amazon Bedrock works, why it exists, and how you can get your hands on it. (Hint: You can use a wonderful workshop).
But, to make your first Amazon Bedrock steps - go check out the playground 👏
Lastly, as we bid farewell to Mark, Emily and Darko look in what it takes to mitigate Bias in Large Language Models.
Finally, I bring you the most amazing words from Amazon Bedrock it self, as a goodbye to the episode:
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