Chatting to your SageMaker Studio | S02 E10 | Build On Generative AI

Did you ever wanted to have a quick chat with your SageMaker Studio? Ask it questions about your Notebooks, and have it suggest things? Well, do we have a tool for you!

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Published Oct 23, 2023
Last Modified Jun 25, 2024
In today's episode Darko is joined by Francisco, and Amaya. And it is a fun one today - Amaya is showing us how to setup and Configure Jupyter-AI inside of your SageMaker studio! What is Jypyter-AI, well it is a way to have a chat to your Jupyter notebooks throught he power of LLMs. Yes, you are able to hook up Large Language Models of your choosing to this chat interface, and have it analyze your files, your code, and in general ask it questions. This was a great attempt by Ayush to make this work, and even though we ran into issues, we have already spoken to some folks who are making this way smoother! 🥳
To learn more, and see how we tried, failed, and tried again. Check out the recording here:

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