Welcome to Season 3 - Application Composer | S03 E01 | Build On Weekly

It's time to start new year with new season. Watch Rohini and Darko explore Amazon Application Composer and Codewhisperer for Serverless apps

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Published Jan 25, 2024
Last Modified Jun 25, 2024
Screenshot from episode
Application Composer designed an architecture diagram from a SAM Template
This was launch episode for Season 3 of Build On Weekly show! The show hosts Rohini and Darko introduced themselves, their journey at AWS from Premium Support to Solutions Architect and now Developer Advocates. 👏
Darko and Rohini also had demo AWS Application Composer and Amazon CodeWhisperer. If you are interested to use Application Composer and also want to check other 3rd party tools to create architecutre diagrams, then checkout the blog (and video) by Rohini.
Darko also showed us how to use Visual Studio Live Share and code online together with Rohini.
But if you are looking to learn a bit about:
  • How to use Application Composer and AWS SAM
  • How to use CodeWhisperer to generates code suggestions
  • How to use CodeWhisperer for command line (mac OS only)
Make sure to check out the full stream recording here:

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