Hosting a REACT app on AWS, Star Wars quotes generator - PART 4 | S02 E25 | Build On Weekly

Lets get rid of localhost:3000 and move our REACT application to the Cloud. Today I am joined by Michael who will help me do just that.

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Published Aug 10, 2023
Last Modified Jun 25, 2024
Michel and Darko before on the stream
Michael and Darko before the shenanegans kick off
Today, Darko welcomes Michael to help him out and fix the front-end mistake he made in the previous part. Yes, and well, we actually get to deploy our REACT application to The Cloud with AWS Amplify Hosting. Say good bye to localhost:3000 and hello to the internet. We created the AWS Amplify Hosting app, connected it to Darko's GitHub account and configured the build steps needed (thank you Roberttables ❤️). And the best quote of the day was: "Keep in mind, I am expecting this to fail." - Michael L.
Screenshot of a failed deployment on AWS Amplify hosting
The Deployment failed successfully
Michael created AWS Amplify hosting an AWS CDK L2 Construct that is currently in Alpha, so please make sure to take care when using that in production.
Oh yeah, and if you wish to follow along at home, we have a GitHub repository with the code used today. You can check it out here. And make sure to let us know what other features you would like us to build into this application.
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