Yong is now Advanced Networking certified!

Yong is now Advanced Networking certified!

Join Yongkang to learn and get certified, I just got a new certification - AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty.

Published Jul 3, 2024
It's really hard for someone new to Kubernetes. I created some automation to allow people to easily launch an Amazon EKS cluster in ~15 minutes with just one command. Join me to learn how to create, backup, secure containers on Amazon EKS.
Automation code šŸ‘‰ https://github.com/yongkanghe/eks-casa
Build EKS clusters šŸ‘‰ http://build.yongkang.cloud
Backup containers on EKS šŸ‘‰ http://backup.yongkang.cloud
Secure containers on EKS šŸ‘‰ http://s.k8sug.com
11X #AWS certified ā˜ø http://aw10.k8sug.com
#EKS playlist ā˜ø http://aws.yongkang.cloud
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