Streamline AWS Management with Generative AI & Cloudysetup cli

Discover how Cloudysetup cli leverages generative AI to streamline AWS resource management using the Cloud Control API. This will demonstrate creating, reading, updating, listing, and deleting AWS resources with AI-generated configurations. Learn about the integration of FastAPI with ECS Fargate for scalable backend management and see real-world applications enhancing developer productivity and efficiency.

Published Jul 5, 2024
Excited to share CloudySetup - a CLI tool designed to streamline AWS resource management using the AWS Cloud Control API (Core service that most of the IaC providers leverage for AWS resources). This project leverages Amazon Bedrock's managed service with Anthropic Claude V2 model to manage AWS resources by generating configurations compatible with the Cloud Control API, provide suggestions to improve the resource configuration and understand the intent from the user (create, read, update and delete). The backend is managed with FastAPI on ECS Fargate, ensuring a smooth and scalable experience.