Community Guidelines

Last updated: February 28, 2024

We expect everyone in our community to follow these guidelines and our Code of Conduct as they participate in contributing to community.aws.

Article Guidelines

Ready to create an article? When community members contribute to community.aws, the articles they post can make all the difference between a positive or negative experience for the reader and our community.
When creating articles, follow these guidelines:
  • Dive Deep: Don't just cover the surface. Dig into the details you won't be able to find elsewhere
  • Offer Insights, Not Hype: Ditch the fluff. Focus on clear content grounded in research and your own experiences.
  • Make it Bookmark-Worthy: Spark curiosity and pack it with actionable takeaways, insightful comparisons, and practical solutions.
  • Be Authentic: Share your original thoughts and experiences, and ditch the AI-generated stuff.
  • Engage the Community: Encourage others to join in on the conversation and build something cool

Commenting Guidelines

Ready to join the conversation? We love hearing from our readers and fostering lively discussions. Comments unlock valuable context and help people find great use cases.
When leaving comments, follow these guidelines:
  • Insightful: Share valuable ideas and questions.
  • Respectful: Embrace diverse perspectives constructively.
  • Authentic: Comment as your real self.

Join the conversation!

Ready to share your knowledge? Become a contributor! Here are some ways you can get involved with both articles and comments:
  • What roadblocks have you encountered on your cloud journey? Share your challenges and help others avoid the same pitfalls.
  • Unleash your secret knowledege! Recommend the tools and techniques that have supercharged your cloud development workflow.
  • Got a unique perspective? Share your unconventional approach and spark fresh ideas within the community.
Now's your chance to empower fellow community members and leave your mark!