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Welcome to AWS re:Post Live! Each week our hosts will be joined by expert guests to dive deep into your questions found on the companion AWS managed knowledge sharing site, repost.aws. Our show's content is influenced by feedback from the community, encouraging open discussion, honest feedback, and your toughest questions. If you're looking to grow your AWS cloud knowledge while sharing stories and best practices with experts and colleagues alike, this is the place for you!
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Our hosts will dive deep into your questions from repost.aws!

Hosts of the Show

Every week you can join in the conversation with our rotating panel of hosts Stephen Heverin, Jay Busch, and Anup Sivadas:
Stephen Heverin is currently a Senior Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Amazon Web Services (AWS) based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Stephen supports customers in the Media, Entertainment, Sports & Gaming vertical. He has experience in deploying enterprise cloud governance and cost optimization. Outside of the office he enjoys training and competing in ATA Taekwondo tournaments, traveling with his family, reading manga and watching Anime.
Jay Busch is a Senior Technical Account Manager at AWS based out of De Moines, Iowa.
Anup Sivadas is a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services and is based out of Arlington, Virginia. With 18 + years in technology, Anup enjoys working with AWS customers and helps them craft highly scalable, performing, resilient, secure, sustainable and cost-effective cloud architectures. Outside work, Anup’s passion is to travel and explore the nature with his family.

Upcoming Episodes

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S01E14Amazon RDS SSL Certificate Expiration Campaign2024-06-17Mohamed Nashy & Sajjan Bhattarai
S01E15Accelerate Software Development with Amazon Q Developer2024-06-24Rajakumar Sampathkumar

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S01E02Tracking and Verifying Recovery Objects with AWS Resilience Hub2024-03-11Sean Tallman & Mallik BattaLink to Recording
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S01E04Using Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Optimally2024-03-25Chris GoetzLink to Recording
S01E05Boost Productivity and Efficiency with Amazon Q - Your Generative AI–powered Assistant2024-04-01Rajakumar Sampathkumar & Sean TallmanLink to Recording
S01E06Compute Capacity Planning Best Practices on AWS2024-04-08Miguel Otero GuerraLink to Recording
S01E07Diving Deep into Best Practices for Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink (MSF)2024-04-15Rajakumar SampathkumarLink to Recording
S01E08Monitor and Debug AWS Glue Jobs Using Job Observability Metrics and Amazon Grafana2024-04-22Ishan Gaur & Boyko RadulovLink to Recording
S01E09Automate Invoice Matching and Validation Using Amazon Bedrock and SAP2024-04-29Naeem Asghar & Arnaud LauerLink to Recording
S01E10Answering Your Questions on Amazon Q2024-05-06Rajakumar Sampathkumar & Neel SendasLink to Recording
S01E11Defending Against DDOS Attacks Using AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)2024-05-20Latha LakshminarayanappaLink to Recording
S01E12Cutting Costs with Database Migration to PostgreSQL2024-06-03Xinhui ZhangLink to Recording
S01E13Adopting Amazon FSxN for Microsoft SQL Workloads2024-06-10Danni Song, Jesse Bieber, & Drew LewaldLink to Recording


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