Build On Answered | All About Terraform | S01 EP08

Check out the latest episode with Kerim Satirli from Hashicorp as we review some of the top viewed Terraform questions in the AWS Collective on Stack Overflow.

Julie Gunderson
Julie Gunderson
Amazon Employee
Cobus Bernard
Cobus Bernard
Amazon Employee
Published Jul 5, 2023

Streaming session with Kerim, Julie, and Cobus, with a shared browser tab showing a Stack Overflow question

Join us for Episode 8 of Build On Live: Answered, the Twitch show where expert hosts review top viewed questions from the AWS Stack Overflow Collective live on air!

In this episode we will be focusing on Terraform. We have selected some of the top viewed questions in the AWS Collective and built code and demos around the best answers to those questions!

  1. How are data sources used in Terraform?
  2. How to attach multiple IAM policies to IAM roles using Terraform?
  3. Terraform: correct way to attach AWS managed policies to a role?
  4. How do I create an SSH key in Terraform?

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