Building a Translator Chatbot in <30m! | S02 E21 | Build On Weekly

Jacquie and Darko are joined by Elizabeth Fuentes to build a language translator chatbot in under 30 minutes!

Jacquie Grindrod
Jacquie Grindrod
Amazon Employee
Published Jun 29, 2023

Jacquie & Darko Streaming

Wouldn't it be easier to learn a new language with your own personal chatbot to help you translate and pronounce the words? On this week's episode of Build on Weekly, hosts Jacquie & Darko welcome AWS Developer Advocate Elizabeth Fuentes to build a language translator bot in under 30 minutes!

Leveraging a number of Amazon services including Lex for our conversational chatbot and Translate to provide us with already trained machine learning language models, we dove right in with Elizabeth to live code Lambda functions in Python! ✨

Try it out at home using the demo code here: AWS Chatbot Translator.

Check out the recording here:

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