The Keys to AWS Optimization is a weekly Twitch show where we share stories, concepts and solutions to help you unlock your cost optimization. Hosted by three SME’s in the field; Steph, Savanna and John, they will interview guests from a range of subject matters to share information that could help you optimize your spend at AWS. With both technical and non technical guest, the show aims to take you from level 100 to 300 on every subject. The show will provide you with cost optimization resources for you to utilize in your own environment as well as answer any questions you have along the way.
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Hosts the show

  • Steph Gooch is a Sr. Optimization Solution Architect Advocate in the AWS OPTICS team, where she acts as a Subject Matter Expert, guiding customers through ways to optimize their AWS spend. Alongside this, she works to educate AWS customer through external content such as videos, blogs and solutions.
  • Savanna Jensen is a Senior FinOps Success Manager on the AWS OPTICS team. She has worked within the Cloud Financial Management space at AWS for six years supporting various customers and industries on their CFM journeys. Her team enables customers to organize and interpret billing and usage data, identify actionable insights from that data, and develop sustainable strategies to embed cost into their culture. Prior to AWS, she worked in Healthcare Software.
If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, reach out to us. Feel free to send us an email at: costoptimization@amazon.com


Come learn live with us! We stream every Thursday at 8:00am PST/ 11:00am EST / 16:00pm GMT till 9:00am PST/ 12:00pm EST/ 17:00pm GMT
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23/05/2024Reinvest with Rivian: FinOps for the FutureUmakant Dwivedi
30/05/2024The Whats of WasteYuiry
06/06/2024GenAI and how it links to FinOpsAdam Ritcher
13/06/2024Wix Savings StoryDvir Mizrahi 
20/06/2024Technical Debt – The Invisible Elephant In The Room?Matthew Jorat
27/06/2024FinOps X Re:cap/AnnoucementsYour Hosts
11/07/2024The Cost Optimization DraftYour Hosts
18/07/2024Cost Optimization Hub UpdatesRan Zhou & Mary Nachimov
25/07/2024Using Amazon Q  to cost optimizeMatt Berk & Thomas Coombs
01/08/2024The all new SCADShubir Kapoor
08/08/2024Grav Dashboard Rem Baumann
15/08/2024S3 PlayBook and how to choose the right classJudith & Mary & Christine
22/08/2024Nexflix FinOps StoryPramod


EpisodeNameDateLink to Video
S09E01Microsoft on AWS Cost Optimization45309Link to live show
S09E025 Steps to setting FinOps goals45316Link to live show
S09E03CFM Tips Launch45323Link to live show
S09E04New Google Cloud Dashboard45330Link to live show
S09E05Cost Optimizse Sheild45337Link to live show
S09E06Deep dive on AWS pricing45344Link to live show
S09E07AWS Joins the FinOps Foundation45351Link to live show
S09E08How executive sponsorship drives FinOps success45358Link to live show
S09E09Upgrade your Optimization Data Lake45365Link to live show
S09E10Amazon Billing Conductor: Back and better than ever45372Link to live show
S09E11How Sky prepared for Taylor Swifts NFL appearances45372Link to live show
S09E12The Science of Instance Schedular45386Link to live show
S09E13What is CUR 2.0?45393Link to live show
S09E14Spring Cleaning45400Link to live show
S09E15New CloudWatch Logs Pattern Analysis45393Link to live show

Past - SEASON 08

EpisodeNameDateLink to Video
S08E01Demo EC2 how to find savings05/10/2023Link to show recording
S08E02How to view Azure costs using Amazon QuickSight12/10/2023Link to show recording
S08E03How Haven shifted left19/10/2023Link to show recording
S08E04Halloween Horror Account26/10/2023Link to show recording
S08E05The Power of Evangelising FinOps02/11/2023Link to show recording
S08E06Saving Millions Through Small Changes 09/11/2023Link to show recording
S08E07Power Tune Tool Demo16/11/2023Link to show recording
S08E08CloudWatch Optimization Demo23/11/2023Link to show recording
S08E09re:Invent reCap07/12/2023Link to show recording
S08E10A FinOps Christmas Carol14/12/2023Link to show recording