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Whether you're new to AWS or seeking a deeper understanding, join us as we break down barriers and simplify the journey to mastery. Elevate your skills with our team of experts in a fun and entertaining me.

Our show is tailored for those embarking on the AWS security journey, addressing the common challenge of complexity and being overwhelmed. Drawing on our experience as AWS security engineers, we create a safe and practical learning environment. Our series focuses on real-life experiences with hands-on activities, ensuring viewers gain relevant skills applicable to various AWS deployments. By demystifying AWS security, we aim to empower individuals to confidently navigate and contribute to the field. Join us for an accessible and comprehensive introduction to AWS security, exploring the rewards and challenges of a career in this dynamic field.

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S02E02Lost credentials2024-01-25Ben FletcherMatthew PyeStreaming Soon

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EpisodeNameDateHostGuestLink to video and show notes
S02E01Welcome to Season 22024-01-11Ben FletcherVenkatakrishnan G KWatch here


Check out Season 01 where our team explored the concept of a Start-Up and where to apply AWS Security Best Practices.
EpisodeNameDateHostGuestLink to video and show notes
S01E20Look back to look forward2023-12-21Ben FletcherMatthew Pye & Venkatakrishnan G K & Ciarán Carragher & Clodagh BradyWatch here
S01E19Learning AWS Incident Response2023-12-07Ben FletcherVenkatakrishnan G KWatch here
S01E18Threat Modelling2023-11-23Ben FletcherLouise Fox & Matthew PyeWatch here
S01E17AWS Startup Security Baseline (AWS SSB) - Part 22023-11-09Ben FletcherLouise FoxWatch here
S01E16AWS Startup Security Baseline (AWS SSB) - Part 12023-10-26Ben FletcherLouise FoxWatch here
S01E15Using EventBridge to create a root alarm2023-10-12Ben FletcherClodagh BradyWatch here
S01E14Amazon GuardDuty2023-09-28Ben FletcherMatthew Pye & Venkatakrishnan G KWatch here
S01E13Detecting unexpected billing costs2023-09-14Ben FletcherMatt GurrWatch here
S01E12Who is looking after my Dragons2023-08-24Ben FletcherMatthew PyeWatch here
S01E11Wall of fire2023-08-10Ben FletcherCiarán CarragherWatch here
S01E10Extra protection in your environment2023-07-27Ben FletcherCiarán CarragherWatch here
S01E09IAM Learning2023-07-13Ben FletcherMatt GurrWatch here
S01E08The Dragon Lair2023-06-22Ben FletcherVenkatakrishnan G KWatch here
S01E07I see a VPC2023-06-08Ben FletcherMatthew PyeWatch here
S01E06IAM bringing it all together2023-05-25Ben FletcherMatthew PyeWatch here
S01E05IAM Growing2023-05-15Ben FletcherCiarán CarragherWatch here
S01E04IAM Learning2023-04-13Matthew PyeVenkatakrishnan G KWatch here
S01E03IAM Happy2023-03-23Ben FletcherMatthew PyeWatch here
S01E02Root, both friend and foe2023-03-09Ben FletcherCiarán CarragherWatch here
S01E01Introduction to the Series2023-02-23Ben FletcherLouise FoxWatch here