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November 27

TimeTitleLevelSession IDVenue
8-12 PMAWS GameDay Championship: The Frugality Fest300GHJ 303Mandalay Bay Ballroom F
8.30-9.30 AMDemocratizing generative AI, one API call at a time [REPEAT]300BOA 314-RMGM-306
8.30-9.30 AMGit serious: Implementing network security and compliance with GitOps [REPEAT]200BOA 213-RWynn-Palmer 2
9-10 AMBuilding high-performance gaming applications with Redis300BOA 320MGM-Grand 122
9-10 AMNew era of IaC: Effective Kubernetes management with CDK8s300BOA 310Wynn-Cristal 7
10-11 AMUnleash the power of AI: Transform voice notes into summaries200BOA 212MGM-Boulevard 167
10-11 AMUnlocking your full potential with the power of generative AI on AWS200COM 203Mandalay Bay-Reef F
10.30-11.30 AMA Go developer's guide to building on AWS200BOA 201MGM-Grand 115
1-2 PMThis site can’t be reached: A developer’s guide to cloud networking200BOA 207Caesars-Forum 121
1-2 PMUsing generative AI to add tailored product summaries to an app300BOA 318Wynn-La Tache 1
1-2 PMDos and don’ts of NoSQL data modeling300BOA 315MGM-304
1-2 PMBuilding a cloud-backed generative AI game in 60 minutes200COM 201Mandalay Bay-South Seas F
1.30-2.30 PM"Rustifying” serverless: Boost AWS Lambda performance with Rust300COM 306MGM-Grand 115
3-4 PMServerless data streaming: Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and AWS Lambda300COM 308MGM-Grand 115
4-7 PMAWS GameDay: League of Legends Esports Edition200GHJ 201Venetian Hall B, booth #1652
4.30-5.30 PMUtilizing machine learning & vector databases for advanced AI search300BOA 312Wynn-Cristal 7
5-6 PMAWS She Builds Fireside Chat and MeetupN/A ACT 045 Venetian Expo, Booth #1280, All Builders Welcome Lounge
5.30-5.50 PMProcessing over 450 million events per day in real time with AWS300 COM 310 Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3

November 28

TimeTitleLevelSession IDVenue
10-6 PMAWS GameDay: League of Legends Esports Edition200GHJ201Venetian Hall B, booth #1652
11-12 PMAdvanced event-driven patterns with Amazon EventBridge300COM 301 Wynn-Lafite 4
11.30-12.30 PMMy pods aren’t responding! A Kubernetes troubleshooting journey200BOA 205 Wynn-Cristal 7
12.00-12.20 PMSecuring data in the cloud: Real-world AWS security scenarios200COM 215Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
12.30-1.30 PMAn immersive experience with Amazon Bedrock300BOA 316Wynn-Lafite 1
12.30-1.30 PMAdvanced AWS CDK: Lessons learned from 4 years of use300COM 302 Caesars-Summit 214
1-2 PMBuild verifiable and effective application authorization in 40 minutes200BOA 209 Wynn-Cristal 7
1-5 PMAWS GameDay Championship: Network Topology Titans300GHJ 302 Mandalay Bay Ballroom F
2-3 PMBuilding a generative AI trivia app with Svelte & Amazon ElastiCache300BOA 302 Wynn-La Tache 1
2-2.20 PMWhat classical modeling can teach us about modern AI200COM 207Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
2-2.45 PMDeveloper Relations Professionals’ Networking MeetupN/AACT 179Venetian Expo, Booth #1380, AWS Community Developer Lounge
2.30-3.30 PMComposable architecture using Amazon DynamoDB and domain-driven design300COM 304 Wynn-Cristal 7
3-3.45 PMAWS Communities MeetupN/AACT 175Venetian Expo, Booth #1380, AWS Community Developer Lounge
3.30-4.30 PMUnlock data insights with Amazon SageMaker and Amazon CodeWhisperer300BOA 303 Caesars-Forum 121
3.30-4.30 PMHands-on with multi-Region architectures [REPEAT]200BOA 204-R Wynn-Palmer 2
4-4.20 PMBuilding efficient infrastructure with AWS CDK200COM 213Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
5-6 PMA winning combination: AWS Lambda and CQRS200BOA 211 Wynn-Lafite 1
5.30-6.30 PMBuilding an AWS solutions architect agent with Amazon Bedrock300BOA 306 Caesars-Academy 407

November 29

TimeTitleLevelSession IDVenue
8-12 PMAWS GameDay Championship: Building F.O.C.U.S.300GHJ 301Mandalay Bay Ballroom F
8.30-9.30 AMGenerative AI: Asking for a friend200BOA 210 Mandala Bay-South Seas F
8.30-9.30 AMEvaluating the cost of infrastructure changes [REPEAT]200BOA 203-RWynn-Palmer 2
10-11 AMUse generative AI to name your pet after your favorite song200BOA 208Mandala Bay-South Seas F
10-11 AMSoutheast Asian and Pacific Islander in Tech Fireside Chat and MeetupN/AACT 040Venetian Expo, Booth #1280, All Builders Welcome Lounge
10-6 PMAWS GameDay: League of Legends Esports Edition200GHJ201Venetian Hall B, booth #1652
11-12 AMMilitary Community Fireside Chat and MeetupN/AACT 051Venetian Expo, Booth #1280, All Builders Welcome Lounge
11.30-11.50 AMShaping the future of security on AWS with generative AI300COM 309Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
11.30-12.30 PMGenerative AI: Architectures and applications in depthSupercharging Alexa with Amazon Bedrock foundation models300BOA 308Mandala Bay-South Seas F
11.30-12.30 PMSeamless observability with AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry300COM 307Caesars-Summit 214
12-1 PMUnlocking serverless web applications with AWS Lambda Web Adapter300BOA 311MGM-Grand 122
12-1 PMDevOps in practice for beginners [REPEAT]200BOA 202-RWynn-Montrachet 1
12.30-12.50 PMVisualizing amateur radio emergency communications with AWS200COM 205Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
1-2 PMImplementing distributed design patterns on AWS300BOA 309 MGM-Premier 318
1-2 PMSpeed up data predictions with real-time inference at scale [REPEAT]400BOA 401-RWynn-Palmer 2
1-2 PMAutomating a 20 TB file server migration300COM 303MGM-Chairmans 355
1-2 PMDemystifying and mitigating AWS Lambda cold starts300COM 305Caesars-Summit 214
1-2 PMWomen in Tech Fireside Chat and MeetupN/AACT 053Venetian Expo, Booth #1280, All Builders Welcome Lounge
1.30-1.50 PMHow Amazon Bedrock is helping the next generation of AWS builders100COM 103Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
2-3 PMLatino in Tech Fireside Chat and MeetupN/AACT 049Venetian Expo, Booth #1280, All Builders Welcome Lounge
2.30-2.50 PMUnleash the hidden potential of event-driven architecture200COM 210Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
2.30-3.30 PMCreating an automated C# code documentation generator with AWS DevOps300BOA 319 Wynn-Lafite 1
3-3.45 PMAWS Communities MeetupN/AACT 176Venetian Expo, Booth #1380, AWS Community Developer Lounge
3.30-3.50 PMThe hidden cost of external tools: Extracting data from AWS200COM 206Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
4-5 PMStateful vs. stateless workloads with IaC: Together or not?200BOA 206Wynn-La Tache 1
4-5 PMBlack in Tech Fireside Chat and MeetupN/AACT 047Venetian Expo, Booth #1280, All Builders Welcome Lounge
4.30-4.50 PMBenchmarking AWS Lambda cold starts200COM 212Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
5-6 PMIndigenous in Tech Fireside Chat and MeetupN/AACT 048Venetian Expo, Booth #1280, All Builders Welcome Lounge
6-9 PMAWS GameDay: Formula 1200GHJ 202Mandalay Bay Ballroom F

November 30

TimeTitleLevelSession IDVenue
10-4 PMAWS GameDay: League of Legends Esports Edition200GHJ201Venetian Hall B, booth #1652
11-11.20 AMAutomate away the toil100COM 102Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
11-12 PMStreamlined deployment: Simplifying application automation for all200BOA 214Caesars-Alliance 305
11.30-12.30 PMUsing AI and serverless to automate video production300BOA 304Wynn-Cristal 7
12-12.20 PMCreating an interactive AI Twitch streamer on AWS200COM 209Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
12-1.30 PMUnderrepresented Startup Founder Workshop and MeetupN/AACT 052Venetian Expo, Booth #1280, All Builders Welcome Lounge
12.30-12.50 PMBuilding a culture of curiosity through gamification200COM 211Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
12.30-1.30 PMSimplifying the Kubernetes inner development loop [REPEAT]300BOA 317Caesars-Alliance 305
1.30-1.50 PMWeird but True: Unconventional AWS Learning Through Trivia100COM 101Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
1-5 PMAWS GameDay Championship: Building with gen AI and Amazon Bedrock300GHJ304Mandalay Bay Ballroom F
2-2.45 PMAWS Communities MeetupN/AACT 177Venetian Expo, Booth #1380, AWS Community Developer Lounge
2-3 PMBuilding applications with generative AI and live data300BOA 307Caesars-Forum 121
2-3 PMOpen source LLM optimization with Amazon SageMaker400BOA 402Caesars-Forum 123
2-3 PMBuilding an AI comic video generator with Amazon Bedrock200COM 202Caesars-Summit 214
2.30-2.50 PMZero to serverless car insurance200COM 208Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
3-3.20 PMOver-engineering your home with digital twins200COM 214Venetian Expo, Booth #1480, Theater 3
3.30-4.30 PMHow to build generative AI-powered ASL avatars300BOA 305Caesars-Forum 121
3.30-4.30 PMSeamless scaling: Amazon Aurora sharding & traffic management on Kubernetes200COM 204Mandalay Bay-Jasmine H