Community Voices of re:Invent 2023: A Breakdown of Top Announcements

Community Voices of re:Invent 2023: A Breakdown of Top Announcements

Explore the key insights and innovations from AWS re:Invent 2023 through the eyes of AWS Community Builders.

Published Dec 5, 2023


This year's re:Invent was a melting pot of new services, ideas, technology, and strategic insights that are set to redefine the future of cloud computing. The voice of our community plays a pivotal role. It is the collective experiences, insights, and feedback from this diverse group that continually shape and refine directions. This article aims to do more than just report on the announcements; it endeavors to capture the essence of re:Invent 2023 through the lenses of those at the heart of this transformation - the AWS Community Builders.
Our objective is clear: to highlight the key announcements and innovations as shared by community members who are actively shaping the AWS ecosystem. By bringing their perspectives into focus, we aim to provide a deeper perspective of re:Invent 2023. To understand not just what was announced, but also why it matters and how it might influence the future of cloud services.
Join us as we dive into the insights and highlights from AWS re:Invent 2023, brought to you through the voices of our community.

Personal Reflections

This year's re:Invent, though remote, underscored the importance of community in the tech world. It showcased how collective knowledge and shared experiences could enhance individual learning. Being part of the AWS Community Builders program wasn't just about access to information; it was about being part of a dynamic and supportive ecosystem that elevates the experience of engaging with technology.
The AWS Community Builders program played a pivotal role in enhancing this experience. As a member, I had access to exclusive discussions, networking opportunities, and resources. This community became a virtual hub where ideas and insights were exchanged, offering perspectives I might not have considered. The shared experiences of fellow members, their questions during sessions, and the collaborative spirit of the group brought a collective depth to my understanding of the announcements and their potential impact.
Thanks to Lily and Ernesto, it was an awesome event with a lot of learning, networking, and new connections. After two years of being able to attend re:Invent in person, I also learned to consider this a huge privilege to attend such a big event in person. Don’t take this for granted and be thankful to yourself or the ones that give you the opportunity.

TOP Announcements through the lens of our community members

Here, we dive into the top picks from our AWS Community Builders, showcasing the diversity in interests and the breadth of AWS's services.

Arjen Schwarz's Picks

Arjen Schwarz - Principal Consultant
Arjen highlighted the significance of Automatic Restore Testing and Validation in AWS Backup, emphasizing its role in enhancing data resilience and reliability. The automated testing and validation mechanisms promise to streamline backup strategies, offering peace of mind and efficiency.
The introduction of Amazon Q, a chatbot powered by AI, caught Arjen's attention. This tool is designed to simplify user interactions within the AWS environment, making information access and problem-solving more intuitive and user-friendly.
Aside from the use cases mentioned in the announcement of the IDE extension for AWS Application Composer, Arjen believesof that this will make it far easier to quickly validate what resources will be created by a CloudFormation template. This will be especially useful in CDK stacks where it will work as a quick way to verify that all the right components of an architecture are present without digging through the actual generated template

Endah Bongo-Awah's Selections

Endah was particularly excited about the development of Agentless Collector for Prometheus Metrics in Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, which aims to simplify the collection of metrics. This feature enhances the ease of monitoring and managing application performance.
Echoing Arjen's sentiments, Endah also pointed out the potential of Amazon Q in transforming user experience, highlighting its AI-driven capabilities in providing real-time assistance and insights.

Oluwasegun Adedigba's Focus

Oluwasegun brought attention to Multi-Account Experiments for AWS Fault Injection Service, which allows for experimenting across multiple AWS accounts. This development is crucial for testing the robustness of systems at scale, ensuring resilience and reliability in diverse environments.
Oluwasegun Adedigba - DevSecOps Engineer

Girish Mukim's Highlight

Girish's top pick was the availability of IBM DB2 on Amazon RDS. This integration marks a significant step in offering more flexibility and choice for database management in the cloud, catering to a wide range of business needs.
Girish Mukim - AWS Architect

Arijita Mitra's Top Announcements

Arijita was impressed by the enhancements in security assessment capabilities, particularly the agentless approach for EC2 instances, which streamlines security compliance and vulnerability detection.
Another noteworthy mention by Arijita was the introduction of guardrails for Amazon Bedrock, aimed at ensuring ethical and secure usage of generative AI applications. In addition, Amazon Titan Image Generator for Content Creators is set to revolutionize content creation, offering unprecedented ease and flexibility in generating custom images.
Arijita Mitra Cloud Engineer

Bugra Kilic’s Favorite

Bugra was intrigued by the dual announcement of Amazon Q and the insights shared about Project Kuiper. The latter, an ambitious project focused on providing broadband internet from space, exemplifies AWS's commitment to innovation and global connectivity.
Bugra Kilic - Product manager

Nikolay Bunev’s Choices

Nikolay was enthusiastic about Amazon S3 Express One Zone, a new S3 storage class designed to provide faster access and retrieval for infrequently accessed data, optimizing cost and performance. The introduction of a new log class in Cloudwatch, tailored for infrequent access, was another highlight for Nikolay, indicating AWS's focus on enhancing log management and analytics while giving customers options to further reduce their costs.
Nikolay Bunev - AWS Delivery Lead

Adit Modi’s Pick

Adit spotlighted the seamless integration of DynamoDB with Opensearch and Redshift, emphasizing its potential to simplify data analytics and search capabilities without the need for complex ETL processes.
Adit Modi - Senior Devops Engineer

Jason Andrews’ Highlight

Jason's top pick was the announcement of the Graviton4 processor. This new addition to the AWS processor family promises significant performance and energy efficiency improvements, marking another leap in cloud computing capabilities.
Jason Andres - Solutions Director

Simon Hanmer's Top Announcement

MyApplication: Simon was particularly excited about the myApplication functionality, a simple yet powerful tool for grouping services to show cost, security, and performance. He expressed eagerness to try this out with various applications, highlighting its potential to streamline service management.
Simon Hanmer - Senior Consultant


As we wrap up our journey through AWS re:Invent 2023, it's clear that this event was more than a showcase of technological advancements; it was a testament to the power of community. The insights and experiences shared by AWS Community Builders brought a rich, multifaceted perspective to the announcements, allowing us to understand not just the 'what,' but the 'why' and the 'how' of these innovations. Communities maximize the benefits of such events, even for those attending remotely.
If you're interested in becoming a part of this vibrant community, I urge you to apply for the AWS Community Builders program. You can find more information and the application form on the AWS website. By joining, you’ll gain access to resources, insights, and a network of professionals that can help you to grow to new heights.
In conclusion, AWS re:Invent 2023 has once again demonstrated the transformative power of cloud technology and the importance of community in navigating this dynamic landscape. Let's continue to stay engaged, share our experiences, and learn from each other, for it is through this collaborative spirit that we can truly harness the potential of cloud computing.