AWS Cloud Club Captains Cohort Opens for Applications Feb 5

AWS Cloud Club Captains Cohort Opens for Applications Feb 5

Are you ready to become an AWS Cloud Club Captain and raise the bar for students in your institution? Applications will open on Feb 5 for your audition

Jen Looper
Amazon Employee
Published Jan 16, 2024
Hey folks! AWS Cloud Clubs will start accepting applications for Captains for their 3rd cohort (C3) on February 5th, 2024.
For those who don't know, AWS Cloud Clubs are local community groups that help students learn about the cloud and get hands-on experience with AWS services. Clubs are led by AWS Captains, who are technical community leaders that work to grow and foster local AWS communities. Meet some of our amazing Captains here:

A Little History

AWS launched the AWS Cloud Clubs program in 2023 as a way to increase access to cloud skills for students. Since then, clubs have launched in universities around the world. The program has been hugely successful so far, with over 13,000 students participating to date.
Now AWS is looking for the next wave of student leaders to spearhead clubs for the 3rd cohort starting in 2024. This is a great opportunity for anyone passionate about the AWS cloud, student enablement, and community building. As an AWS Captain, you'll work closely with your club members to organize workshops, host speakers, and plan projects to help students gain valuable cloud skills.

What's in it for you?

As a Club Captain, you'll:
  • Organize hands-on cloud learning events for your club members
  • Connect with AWS experts to bring unique experiences to your club
  • Enhance your resume and build your personal brand
  • Lead a community of fellow cloud enthusiasts on your campus and connect with like-minded students around the world
  • Manage your club's Meetup.com account for event organization and participate in a vibrant global student Slack community
  • Earn a selection of perks including AWS credits, certification vouchers, career coaching opportunities, educational software licenses, and access to bespoke learning opportunities and curricula for both you and your club members
Korean students at their Club
Our Korean Cloud Clubs worked together to create a cross-club learning experience using our "Cloud Camps" model

Three "R"s in C3

In this cohort, we're looking for 3 R's: Regional, Referral, and Replacements!
  • We're looking for proven student leaders who are capable of leading a fleet of clubs regionally
  • We're looking for Referrals from faculty, AWS Community Builders, AWS Heroes, or AWS User Group Leaders
  • We're looking for Replacements of Captains from C1 and C2 who have built a club and are ready to transition that club to a new leader.
Do you fit into one of these categories? Read on.

New in 2024: Regional Clubs

In addition to the individual club structure, AWS Cloud Clubs are building a robust regional leadership model. Alongside university-specific Cloud Clubs, Regional Cloud Clubs will unite local satellite clubs under a regional umbrella, providing flexibility for Captains to collaborate on joint events or independently establish Clubs tailored to each university's unique needs.

A High Bar: the Referral Mechanism

Application for this high-bar, prestigious program includes:
  • a series of original essays showing your commitment
  • a high quality technical video audition showing your expertise
  • a referral from a community member
MIT-ADTU Student Symposium 2023

Students gather at MIT-ADTU in India for their Student Symposium

R is for Replace!

Already a Club member in an established AWS Cloud Club and ready to take the next step to lead it? Consider applying to replace your current Captain who will graduate this year. They can refer you as the 'next in line' to take the reins of your club and bring it to even more excellence.
Do you have what it takes to become the next AWS Cloud Club Captain? We're eager to find dedicated students to lead the next wave of Cloud Clubs. As an AWS Cloud Club Captain, you'll gain hands-on cloud computing skills, expand your professional network, and position yourself for career success. Get ready to apply to help build the future of cloud learning on campuses worldwide! In the words of our Philippine Regional Club members, "It's always Day 1" in our Cloud Clubs!
Philippines Students in their Regional Club

Ready, set, apply!

Apply to become a Cloud Club Captain by visiting the Student Hub and filling out the application form in full starting on February 5th. All applicants must have at least 12 months remaining in their academic program to apply.

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