A creative writing assistant

A creative writing assistant

brainstorm your next creative writing prompt, concept or idea with single seed words

Published Mar 1, 2024
Creative PromptR is a generative AI app that helps you write better stories, essays, or articles. It works like this:
  • You enter a seed word or phrase that you want to write about, and the app will generate a prompt based on that. The prompt will include a genre, a setting, a character, and a conflict. You can also choose to generate a random prompt if you don't have any specific idea in mind.
  • Once you have a prompt, you can start writing your first draft in the app.
  • When you are happy with your first draft, you can move on to the final refinement stage. You can fine-tune your writing by adjusting the level of detail, emotion, humor, and suspense. The app will also generate a title and a summary for your story. You can preview your final draft in the app, or you can copy it to your preferred format.

How can Creative PromptR positively affect users?

I believe that Creative PromptR can positively affect the community of writers and students in many ways. Here are some of the potential benefits:
  • Creative PromptR can inspire writers and students to practice their writing skills, unleash their creativity, or have some fun with generative AI. It can also help them overcome writer's block, generate new ideas, or explore different genres and styles.
  • Creative PromptR can improve the quality and diversity of writing by providing constructive feedback, suggestions, and enhancements. It can also help writers and students avoid common errors, clichés, or plagiarism.
  • Creative PromptR can increase the engagement and satisfaction of writers and students by providing them with personalized and interactive experiences. It can also help them share their stories with others, receive feedback, or join a community of like-minded people.

What is the envisioned real-world application of Creative PromptR?

  • Education: Teachers can use Creative PromptR to assign creative writing tasks to their students, or students can use it to practice their writing skills, prepare for exams, or complete their assignments. Creative PromptR can also be used to teach students about different genres, elements, and techniques of writing, as well as how to use generative AI responsibly and ethically.
  • Entertainment: Writers can use Creative PromptR to create stories for fun, leisure, or profit. They can also use it to experiment with different genres, formats, or media, or to collaborate with other writers or artists. Creative PromptR can also be used to create content for games, comics, podcasts, or other platforms.
  • Business: Professionals can use Creative PromptR to create content for their blogs, websites, newsletters, or social media. They can also use it to generate marketing materials, product descriptions, or customer reviews. Creative PromptR can also be used to enhance communication, presentation, or storytelling skills.

How would you have developed your application using Amazon Bedrock if PartyRock wasn't available?

If PartyRock wasn't available, I would have used Amazon Bedrock directly to develop my application. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that makes foundation models (FMs) from Amazon and leading AI companies available through an API. FMs are large-scale, pre-trained models that can generate high-quality content from natural language inputs. Amazon Bedrock also allows you to fine-tune FMs using your own data, or access additional tools and services to enhance your generative AI applications.
To develop my application using Amazon Bedrock, I would have followed these steps:
  • Create an AWS account and set up the necessary resources, such as IAM roles, S3 buckets, Lambda functions, API Gateway endpoints, etc.
  • Choose the FMs that suit my application needs, such as Claude v2, Claude Instant, or DALL-E. I would also consider the performance, cost, and availability of each FM.
  • Fine-tune the FMs using my own data, such as prompts, stories, feedback, etc. I would use Amazon SageMaker to train and optimize the FMs, and Amazon S3 to store the data and the models.
  • Build the front-end and the back-end of my application, using the AWS SDKs, frameworks, and tools of my choice. I would use Amazon Bedrock APIs to invoke the FMs and generate the content for my app.
  • Test and deploy my application, using the AWS tools and best practices for quality assurance, security, scalability, and reliability. I would use AWS Amplify to host my front-end, AWS Lambda to run my back-end, and AWS CloudFormation to manage my resources.


I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and learned more about my app, Creative PromptR, and how I used PartyRock to build it. I invite you to try my app and share your feedback or stories with me. You can also remix my app or build your own app using PartyRoc. Thank you for reading and happy writing!