Deploying Db2 workloads into Amazon RDS for Db2 | S02 EP06 | Lets Talk About Data

Deploying Db2 workloads into Amazon RDS for Db2 | S02 EP06 | Lets Talk About Data

In this show we will be discussing the new addition to the RDS family DB2

Tony Mullen
Amazon Employee
Published Feb 27, 2024
In this episode of the "Let's Talk About Data" we focused on Amazon RDS for DB2. Guests Tushar and Brenesh join host Prasad to discuss what DB2 is, the benefits of using Amazon RDS for DB2, workloads suitable for the service, licensing, migration approaches, high availability, monitoring, and more.
Key highlights:
  • DB2 is an early relational database developed by IBM, designed to efficiently store, retrieve and manage data
  • Amazon RDS for DB2 makes it easy to set up, operate at scale, and migrate DB2 databases to the cloud
  • RDS for DB2 is optimal for OLTP workloads that are read/write intensive
    Currently supports BYOL licensing; verify appropriate DB2 licenses for chosen configuration
  • Can migrate using DMS for near-zero downtime or native DB2 tools depending on factors like platform and data volume
  • RDS for DB2 enables high availability across AZs with multi-AZ deployment
  • Monitoring visibility through CloudWatch logs and metrics, enhanced monitoring, custom alerts
  • Ability to apply updates immediately or defer to maintenance window
    Resources available to get started: AWS console, blogs, videos

Prasad Maktar - Database Specialist Solutions Architect @ AWS

Tushar Ghotikar - Database Migration Specialist @ AWS
Brenesh - Senior Solutions Architect Analytics @ AWS


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