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Learn about how to use AWS Solutions to accelerate your cloud development and journey at re:Invent 2023

Alex Torres
Amazon Employee
Published Nov 8, 2023
Last Modified Mar 13, 2024
Hey there AWS enthusiasts, builders, and tech-savvy folks! Welcome to the ultimate playground of innovation and learning — AWS re:Invent 2023! If you are a builder, or someone looking for purpose-built services, ready-to-deploy software packages, and architecture diagrams you are going to want to check out the variety of activities and sessions featuring AWS Solutions at re:Invent.

Remember your favorite building block kits as a child? You could customize quickly, scale to whatever model fit your fancy, or follow the instructions to get to what you wanted. Well, AWS Solutions is kind of like that. One of the key differences though is our building blocks hurt less when you step on them. AWS Solutions can be utilized as-is, as a starting point that can be customized to your specific requirements, or as a reference to meet your needs. By utilizing pre-defined services, configurations, and architectures that optimize for cost, availability, scalability and security from the start, projects are accelerated, costs are reduced and common mistakes are eliminated. In short, AWS Solutions help to simplify cloud adoption and accelerate time to value using proven, vetted architectures.
Best of all, we have over 1,200+ AWS Solutions across a wide range of industry and technology use cases to really help scale your specific business or cloud adoption needs. By employing AWS Solutions, you can dodge the usual project pitfalls, save costs, and fast-track your digital dreams.
Right now, we're all busy mapping out how we'll get the most out of our time at re:Invent. Well, with thousands of sessions and activities, like Innovation Talks and Lounges to choose from, you might want some help focusing on what you should prioritize. Let us help!

Everyone is talking about Generative AI

With an extravaganza of sessions and Innovation Talks, get ready to be dazzled and inspired by those featuring AWS Solutions at re:Invent. Let’s look at a couple, shall we? Generative AI is at the forefront of helping to not only customize your customers' experiences, but also rapidly improve productivity. It seems that everyone is talking about Generative AI and AWS has the solutions you're looking for!

So, if GenAI is your jam, then make sure to explore our sessions featuring QnAbot QnABot on AWS is a multi-channel, multi-language conversational interface (chatbot) that responds to your customer’s questions, answers, and feedback. It allows you to deploy a fully functional chatbot across multiple channels including chat, voice, SMS, and Amazon Alexa. Register for the HLC401 session, where you will learn how to integrate QnAbot with Amazon Connect to build a smart contact center to better serve healthcare patients.

Then, there is GenAI application builder on AWS. From startups to enterprises, organizations trust AWS to innovate with generative artificial intelligence (AI). With enterprise-grade security and privacy, access to Amazon Bedrock and its industry-leading foundation models, and generative AI-powered applications, AWS makes it easy to build and scale generative AI, built for your data, your use cases, and your customers.
The Generative AI Application Builder on AWS solution, found in the AWS Solutions Library helps you rapidly develop and deploy production-ready generative AI applications. If this interests you, make sure to check out the ARC318 session. It will be running 3 times, so you will have plenty of chances to catch this popular session. This is a hands-on session, so bring your laptop and get ready to roll up your sleeves!
  • HLC401 | Transforming digital health with a generative AI conversational QnABot
  • ARC318 | Speed deployment of generative AI applications using AWS solutions

More sessions you won’t want to miss!

A lot of our AWS Solutions help to customize experiences for your customers. And, if you’re looking to bring your customer experiences to new heights, soar on over to the TRV203 Lightning Talk featuring Brian Kirkland, CTO of Choice Hotels. This session will explore the Unified Profiles for Travelers and Guests on AWS solution. This AWS Solution offers a single data source for marketing, sales, operations, and customer experience leaders, providing the data they need to create a central view of the customer.
  • TRV203 | How Choice Hotels is unifying guest profiles to drive personalization

The next session, introduces you to the many benefits of the AWS Solutions Library. The “Instance Scheduler on AWS, AWS Streaming Data Solution for Amazon Kinesis Automated Security Response on AWS, Automated Data Analytics (ADA) on AWS workshop” demonstrates how your organization can respond to security events, save money, and derive insights faster and with less effort by deploying up to four AWS Solutions.
You'll find similar information on the value of tackling your projects using AWS Solutions in Lightning Talk GBL213, which is delivered in Japanese.
  • ARC203 | Solve everyday challenges faster with AWS Solutions Library
  • GBL213-JA | Accelerate your project by using AWS Solutions in Japanese!!

Are you new here?

If you’re a newbie in the AWS universe, worry not. We’ve got special Solutions tailored just for you in the New to AWS section of the AWS Solutions Library, which you'll also find across re:Invent. Looking to bolster your architecture game? Drop by our Architecture kiosk, where the Solutions team is geared up to rock your world with architectural magic. You'll also find AWS Solutions being shared at the AWS Analytics and Resilience kiosks, and many more. Here you will learn some of the key AWS solutions for different use cases in these areas and more. Make sure to bring your questions!

So that you don't have to, we have gone through the re:Invent catalog ourselves, and here are all the sessions where we will be covering some of the Guidance, which you can find in the AWS Solutions Library, to help you build on your own. You may want to check out one or more of these sessions, each focused on how to use specific Guidance from AWS in different applications:
  • HLC303 | Build complete multimodal analyses for health data
  • HLC305 | Building a precision medicine platform using AWS HealthOmics
  • LFS401 | Building protein language models for life science generative AI
  • ROB303 | Connecting your robots to the cloud for remote fleet management
  • IOT306 | Designing an AWS IoT Greengrass component with generative AI
  • CMP329 | PyTorch best practices for generative AI & LLM inference architectures
  • GAM302 | Build scalable cross-platform game backends on AWS
  • CMP318 | Build a spatial data lake with Visual Asset Management System
  • BLC202 | Working with public blockchain data at scale
  • IOT204 | Innovate and modernize connected vehicle platforms with AWS IoT
  • IOT308 | Optimize logistics tracking with AWS IoT and Amazon Location Service
  • ARC324 | Demystifying a multi-account strategy
  • ADM301 | Generative AI use cases for advertising and marketing.
​Finally, imagine mingling with the AWS Solutions team at the Solutions Gamer Lounge — yes, you read that right! Get ready to have a chat with the Solutions experts themselves.

🎊🎊 It is re:Invent after all! Of course we have a happy hour!

Join us!! Register here before it fills up for some refreshing drinks, delicious bites, and the chance to network like a pro. It’s the perfect example of the fun we have in store for you at re:Invent.​

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