AWS Shell in Windows Terminal

AWS Shell in Windows Terminal

Add AWS shell in Windows Terminal Application

Marin Frankovic
Amazon Employee
Published Jun 30, 2024
Recently I had a need to run some AWS commands to configure S3 buckets. Of course, I could have done that by simply installing AWS CLI in Windows and running it from PowerShell shell.
But I wanted to make things bit more interesting so I decided to add AWS shell to Windows Terminal as drop down option.

Install Python, aws-shell and AWS CLI

Step one is to install Python for Windows. Latest version as of writing this article is Python 3.12. Note where Python installs as you will need this info later. By default it will be in C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python[VER]>.
[VER] depends on Python version installed.
Nest step is to open command line, go to installation folder and run the following command to install aws-shell.
After approximately one minute you will have installed aws-shell.
Install AWS CLI for Windows by downloading installer from this link.

Add AWS shell to Windows Terminal

Open Windows terminal and from dropdown select Settings.
Windows Terminal settings
In the profiles section add following lines:
[VER] depends on Python version installed.
If you wish to beautify it a bit more, you can add icon to the drop down menu in Windows Terminal and maybe select different font.
[VER] depends on Python version installed.
Final result should look similar to this

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