Containers, Containers Everywhere | S01 E05 | Build On Weekly

Hybrid workloads, and containers on Darko's desk

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Published Mar 31, 2023
Last Modified Jun 25, 2024
Welcome to episode 5 of Build On Weekly! 🥳
Today Jacquie and Darko, discuss a few things around Containers and Hybrid environments. That means running your applications On-Premises AND in the cloud. In today's episode watch Darko as he sweats trying to troubleshoot a real time demo. 😅
We will be posting here, on Community.aws, to share show notes, links, socials, code, and any other things mentioned during the live stream with you! 🚀
Jacquie and Darko - Episode 5

Deployed Weekly

Today on deployed weekly we take another peek at Lambda functions and .NET. What are the best strategies when running the two together. We talk about a interesting Open Source tool that helps you prototype and productionize (is that even a word?) ML Pipelines. Another wonderful CLI tool out there, for al the CLI and Tracing fans. A wrap up on the AWS Storage Day that happened the day before and finally an amazing interview/podcast over on Lex Friedman’s channel - with the best programmer in the world John Carmack.
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Weekly Builds

Today we will be talking about a few things, you all should know about:
  1. Containers and the reason we use them.
  2. Hybrid environments.
  3. Darko’s Macbook ECS cluster


Just a quick word this. Containers, or more precisely Containerization is application-level virtualization. The reason for this is so that software can be packaged up in these containers and run in isolated “user spaces” called containers!
But why?
Because we want to be able to package the entire running environment of a piece of software into a single bundle and run it on many different platform. Be that the cloud or in that laptop right in front of you! Magic!
On today's episode Jacquie and Darko talk about containers, why you should use them, how to orchestrate them and what do they have to do with a Hybrid environment.
Later in the episode, check out how Darko struggles to add an external "server" to his AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) cluster. Plenty of fun times were had while troubleshooting.

Links from the discussion

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