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👋 Hello friends and welcome to Build On Weekly, a Twitch show where we build something together every week while answering questions from our favourite people - you!
We'll build anything that helps you solve problems: whether it's Open Source or AWS, from operators, developers, data or security specialists to anyone in between. Join us every Thursday at 9am PT to learn live with us through hands on keyboard coding and stay for the lively conversations with expert guests.
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Darko Mesaroš (Дарко Месарош), Principal Developer Advocate: Seattle, WA based resident retro hardware aficionado who loves yelling into the camera about the cloud while he learns, breaks and builds it. If you could summon him with one word it would be: Commodore 64. Talk with him on Twitter/X or LinkedIn.
Rohini Gaonkar (रोहिणी गांवकर), Senior Developer Advocate: Living in Toronto, ON is a fervent builder at heart, whether it's assembling intricate models, or piecing together digital solutions. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge on architectural best practices and DevOps. If you could summon her with one word it would be: Architect. Talk with her on Twitter/X, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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Whether it's in the realm of Open Source, AWS, or anything from development to data or security, we want to hear about it! Join us as a Guest Speaker in 2024!

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Come learn live with us! We stream every Thursday at 9am PT/Noon ET.
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Show Notes


EpisodeNameDateLink to Show Notes
S03E12Orchestration, Dancing, or big blocks of code with Zach Jones2024-04-11Show Notes
S03E11Building L2 Constructs for AWS CDK with Raphael2024-04-04Show Notes
S03E09Just Go(lang) for it with Abhishek Gupta2024-03-21Show Notes
S03E06DynamoDB Deep Dive with Alex DeBrie2024-02-29Show Notes
S03E05Amazon CodeCatalyst Deep Dive with Johannes Koch2024-02-22Show Notes
S03E04Adventures of JSON ( part 1)2024-02-15Show Notes
S03E03The art of being a builder: Hands on with Jeff Barr2024-02-08Show Notes
S03E02Serverless Containers Deep Dive with AJ2024-02-01Show Notes
S03E01Welcome to Season 3 - Application Composer2024-01-25Show Notes


EpisodeNameDateLink to Show Notes
S02E30Generating Fake Star Wars quotes with Amazon Bedrock - PART 52023-10-12Show Notes
S02E29Detect and Remediate cost waste2023-09-21Show Notes
S02E28Build Your Own Recommendation Engine on AWS - PART 22023-09-07Show Notes
S02E27Wordpress in the Cloud on the cheap2023-08-31Show Notes
S02E26Migrating Rust 🦀 applications to ARM2023-08-17Show Notes
S02E25Hosting a REACT app on AWS, Star Wars quotes generator - PART 42023-08-10Show Notes
S02E24Build Your Own Recommendation Engine on AWS - PART 12023-08-03Show Notes
S02E23Adding some REACT to our Star Wars quotes API2023-07-27Show Notes
S02E22Building Resilient Architecture2023-07-13Show Notes
S02E21Building a Translator Chatbot in less than 30m!2023-06-29Show Notes
S02E20Managing Development Environments2023-06-01Show Notes
S02E19Data Mesh Reference Architecture2023-05-25Show Notes
S02E18Extract, Transform, Lock and Load2023-05-18Show Notes
S02E15Generative AI Applications2023-04-27Show Notes
S02E14Stable Diffusion with Viktoria2023-04-20Show Notes
S02E13Hot Dog or Not Hot Dog2023-04-13Show Notes


EpisodeNameDateLink to Show Notes
S01E06Local Development2022-08-18Show Notes
S01E05Containers, Containers Everywhere2022-08-11Show Notes
S01E04Static S3 Website2022-08-04Show Notes
S01E03Command Line Magic2022-07-28Show Notes
S01E02Breaking blocks with Terraform2022-07-21Show Notes
S01E01Open With Open Source2022-07-14Show Notes

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