The Big Dev Theory

Join us for The Big Dev Theory, the Twitch show with AWS partners with specialized knowledge in various areas of technology to provide informative and engaging live streams that help developers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tools

The Big Dev Theory is a live stream broadcast every week on the AWS Twitch channel. Our live streams are designed to help developers learn about the advantages of our partner technologies and AWS, these events provide developers with the opportunity to learn from some of the top minds in the industry and connect with other developers who are working on similar projects. A key part of its mission to help developers build and innovate with confidence.
Join us Tuesday at 8AM PT/11 AM ET for every episode as we engage in insightful conversations with AWS partners and invite experts with deep knowledge across various technology domains. Our live streams are packed with informative and engaging content, designed to keep developers abreast of the latest trends and tools. Don't miss out! Sign up and subscribe today to access this valuable resource, helping you stay ahead in your development journey. Visit this link to sign up and subscribe to The Big Dev Theory now!

Hosts of the Show

Stuart Clark, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS
Shannon Brazil, Incident Responder, CIRT @AWS


Join us for our upcoming episodes in 2024

SeasonEpisodeDateGuestLink to WatchTitle
Season 1Episode 12024/01/30 (11am ET, 8am PT)AivenShow notesAI-driven Database optimization: meet EverSQL by Aiven
Season 1Episode 22024/02/06 (11am ET, 8am PT)AivenShow notesServerless data warehousing in realtime with Aiven for clickhouse, Lambda and S3
Season 1Episode 32024/02/12 (11am ET, 8am PT)AivenShow notesReal-Time Sentiment Analysis Using Apache Kafka and SageMaker Jupyter Notebooks
Season 1Episode 42024/02/20 (11am ET, 8am PT)DataDogShow notesDesigning new architectures for your ML application using Cloudcraft
Season 1Episode 52024/02/27 (11am ET, 8am PT)DataDogShow notesHow to design new architectures with budget in mind using Cloudcraft and Cloud Cost Management
Season 1Episode 62024/03/05 (11am ET, 8am PT)DataDogShow notesAutomatically generate real-time diagrams of your entire AWS architecture
Season 1Episode 82024/03/26 (11am ET, 8am PT)RootlyShow notesPainless On-Call rotations
Season 2Episode 12024/04/02 (11am ET, 8am PT)LaunchDarklyShow notesTalk Ship and Releases with GenAI and LaunchDarkly
Season 2Episode 22024/04/09 (11am ET, 8am PT)LaunchDarklyShow notesFlagging in AI with LaunchDarkly and AWS Bedrock
Season 2Episode 32024/04/016 (11am ET, 8am PT)LaunchDarklyTune InTBC
Season 2Episode 42024/04/23 (11am ET, 8am PT)PangeaTune InHow to Secure Chatgpt with Amazon Bedrock, Next.js, and Pangea
Season 2Episode 52024/04/30 (11am ET, 8am PT)PangeaTune InAdd “Login with Passkeys” to Your App Using AWS Amplify and Pangea
Season 2Episode 62024/05/07 (11am ET, 8am PT)PangeaTune InOnly Tea, No Mess: Build a Mean Girls-Style Burn Book with AWS Lambda + Pangea Vault
Season 2Episode 72024/05/14 (11am ET, 8am PT)HashiCorpTune InTBC
Season 2Episode 82024/05/21 (11am ET, 8am PT)HashiCorpTune InTBC
Season 2Episode 92024/05/28 (11am ET, 8am PT)HashiCorpTune InTBC

Past episodes 2023

SeasonEpisodeDateGuestLink to WatchLink to Show Notes
Season 5Episode 52023/12/19Auth0Watch hereShow notes
Season 5Episode 42023/12/12Auth0Watch hereShow notes
Season 5Episode 32023/12/05Auth0Watch hereShow notes
Season 5Episode 22023/11/21MendixWatch hereShow notes
Season 5Episode 12023/11/14MendixWatch hereShow notes
Season 4Episode 52023/11/07RootlyWatch hereShow notes
Season 4Episode 42023/10/24CanvaWatch hereShow notes
Season 4Episode 32023/10/17Grafana LabsWatch hereShow notes
Season 4Episode 12023/10/03Grafana LabsWatch hereShow notes
Season 3Episode 92023/09/26JITWatch hereShow notes
Season 3Episode 82023/09/19JITWatch hereShow notes
Season 3Episode 72023/09/12JITWatch hereShow notes
Season 3Episode 62023/09/05LoginIDWatch hereShow notes
Season 3Episode 52023/08/29LoginIDWatch hereShow notes
Season 3Episode 42023/08/22LoginIDWatch hereShow notesn
Season 3Episode 32023/08/15MongoDBWatch hereShow notes
Season 3Episode 22023/08/08MongoDBWatch hereShow notes
Season 3Episode 12023/08/01MongoDBWatch hereShow notes
Season 2Episode 92023/07/25JetBrainsWatch hereShow notes
Season 2Episode 82023/07/18JetBrainsWatch hereShow notes
Season 2Episode 72023/07/11JetBrainsWatch hereShow notes
Season 2Episode 62023/05/16StacktapeWatch hereShow notes
Season 2Episode 52023/06/06StacktapeWatch hereShow notes
Season 2Episode 42023/06/20StacktapeWatch hereShow notes
Season 2Episode 32023/05/02SnowflakeWatch hereShow notes
Season 2Episode 22023/04/18SnowflakeWatch hereShow notes
Season 2Episode 12023/04/11SnowflakeWatch hereShow notes
Season 1Episode 92023/03/21DatadogWatch hereShow notes
Season 1Episode 82023/03/14DatadogWatch hereShow notes
Season 1Episode 72023/03/07DatadogWatch hereShow notes
Season 1Episode 62023/02/21VercelWatch hereShow notes
Season 1Episode 52023/02/14VercelWatch hereShow notes
Season 1Episode 42023/02/07VercelWatch hereShow notes
Season 1Episode 32023/01/24CycodeWatch hereShow notes
Season 1Episode 22023/01/17CycodeWatch hereShow notes
Season 1Episode 12023/01/10CycodeWatch hereShow notes