The Safe Room

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The Safe Room
"The Safe Room" is an engaging Twitch series focused on cloud security and incident response in AWS environments. Hosted by Shannon Brazil, Paul Keser, and Hammad Jawaid, the show covers a wide range of topics from AWS tool utilization to real-world case studies. Viewers can expect to gain in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and insights directly from AWS professionals. Whether you're a seasoned security expert or new to cloud computing, "The Safe Room" offers valuable learnings for all.
The safe room hosts

Hosts of The Safe Room

  • Shannon Brazil
  • Paul Keser
  • Hammad Jawaid
If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, reach out to us. Feel free to send us an email at: awstwitch-saferoom@amazon.com


Join us live for an interactive learning experience! We stream every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 2PM EST.
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Welcome to a new season of The Safe Room!

Upcoming Episodes:

EpisodeNameDateHostGuestLink to Video
S05E08AWS AI & ML in Cybersecurity2024-05-10Shannon BrazilStreaming Soon
S05E09Zero Trust Architecture in AWS2024-05-24Shannon BrazilStreaming Soon

Completed Episodes

EpisodeNameDateHostGuestLink to Video
S05E01Unlocking AWS Logging with Assisted Log Enabler2024-01-05Shannon BrazilCydney StudeShow Notes
S05E02Tactics to Prevent Data Exfiltration: Locking Down S32024-01-19Shannon BrazilBen FletchetShow Notes
S05E03Shepherding the Flock to Safety: Security Strategies for LAMBda-based Applications2024-02-02Hammad Jawaid & Paul KeserChris Munns & Guillermo MansillaWatch Now
S05E04AWS IAM Security Myths2024-02-16Shannon BrazilChris Munns & Guillermo MansillaWatch Now
S05E05Secrets Manager: Securing Sensitive Data2024-03-01Shannon BrazilChris Munns & Guillermo MansillaWatch Now
S05E06Defend, Detect, and Develop: Unveiling Community-Driven AWS Security Innovations2024-03-15Shannon BrazilChris Munns & Guillermo MansillaWatch Now
S05E07Securing AWS Multi-Account Environments2024-04-12Shannon BrazilChris Munns & Guillermo MansillaWatch Now


Check out our past episodes!
EpisodeNameDateHostGuestLink to Video
S04E01Workshop: AWS CIRT Unauthorized IAM Credential Use Part 12023-01-06Ruchira PokhrialPaul KeserShow Notes
S04E02Workshop: AWS CIRT Unauthorized IAM Credential Use Part 22023-01-20Ruchira PokhrialPaul KeserShow Notes
S04E03Cybersecurity Mentorship: Casey Reniker2023-02-03Shannon BrazilCasey RenikerShow Notes
S04E04Incident Response Whitepaper2023-02-17Hammad JawaidSteve de Vera, Anna McAbee, Freddy KasprzykowskiShow Notes
S04E05Workshop: Cryptomining - Security Event Simulation and Detection2023-03-03Shannon BrazilHammad JawaidShow Notes
S04E06AWS Access Key Compromise: The Dos and Don'ts2023-03-17Shannon BrazilHammad JawaidShow Notes
S04E07Prowling Through AWS Cloud2023-03-31Shannon BrazilToni de la FuenteShow Notes
S04E08AWS Most Common Misconfigurations2023-04-21Shannon BrazilShow Notes
S04E09AWS Flavored Phishing2023-05-05Shannon BrazilHammad Jawaid, Ruchira PokhriyalShow Notes
S04E10AWS Shields, Activated!2023-05-19Shannon BrazilShow Notes
S04E11Journey Into Jupyter Notebooks for Incident Response2023-06-02Paul KeserShow Notes
S04E12Cybersecurity Mentorship2023-06-16Shannon BrazilShow Notes
S04E13Essential Logs for Incident Response Analysis in AWS Cloud2023-07-07Shannon BrazilHammad JawaidShow Notes
S04E14Workshop: Ransomware on S3 Part 12023-07-21Steve de VeraBen FletcherShow Notes
S04E15Workshop: Ransomware on S3 Part 22023-08-04Steve de VeraBen FletcherShow Notes
S04E16Workshop: SSRF on IMDSv12023-08-18Hammad JawaidShow Notes
S04E17Celebrating International Women in Cyber Day2023-09-01Shannon BrazilSarah CurreyShow Notes
S04E18Guarding Your Secrets2023-09-15Shannon BrazilShow Notes
S04E19Cybersecurity Mentorship: Entry & Evolution2023-10-06Shannon BrazilDavid SelbergShow Notes
S04E20The Deep Security Lake2023-10-20Shannon BrazilMarc LuescherShow Notes
S04E21AWS Ec2 Forensics 1012023-11-03Hammad JawaidPaul KeserShow Notes
S04E22TDIR Training Path & Wrap Up2023-12-15Shannon BrazilCasey RenikerShow Notes