A weekly live stream where we tell troubleshooting stories, recreate issues, and solve them together!
Do you love a good story? Do you find the best way to learn is to fix it yourself? AWS Tech Tales is a weekly Twitch show where we tell stories of real AWS customer issues (either common or very specific), recreate them, and ask you to troubleshoot them live! The show will provide you the base level knowledge needed to dive in and will give you best practices that you can implement in your own environment.
Matt and Zhamara looking at failed web server tests and looking anxious
Live Troubleshooting @ AWS Tech Tales

Hosts of the Show

  • Matt Berk is a Principal Technical Account Manager based in Brooklyn who's passionate about storytelling, cloud technologies, and FinOps. When he's not solving customer issues, Matt can be either be found in nature with his dog Ollie, at popular NYC restaurants, or at home planning his next trip to a theme park.
  • Zhamara Reano is a Technical Account Manager based in California who seeks to elevate the experience of women in tech and promote career development of women. She likes running, hiking, cooking, traveling, spending time with her family, and of course, soccer.
If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, reach out to us. Feel free to send us an email at: aws-tech-tales@amazon.com


Come hear the tales and troubleshoot live with us! We stream every Thursday at 1pm Pacific/4pm ET on Twitch!.
EpisodeNameDateInvite Link
S3E14The Tale of Amazon Q App Development2024-05-16ICS Invite / GCal

Past Episodes

EpisodeNameDateLink to Video
S3E01The Tale of the Missing S3 Bucket2024-02-15Show Notes
S3E02The Tale of the S3 Security Simulation2024-02-21Show Notes
S3E03The Tale of the Multi-Region Architecture2024-02-29Show Notes
S3E04The Tale of S3 and a Thousand Keys2024-03-07Show Notes
S3E05The Tale of Taxes with GenAI (Part 1)2024-03-14Show Notes
S3E06The Tale of Taxes with GenAI (Part 2)2024-03-21Show Notes
S3E07The Tale of Troubleshooting Network Services2024-03-28Show Notes
S3E08The Tale of Troubleshooting Database Services2024-04-04Show Notes
S3E09The Tale of Stuck I/O2024-04-11Show Notes
S3E10The Tale of Fault Injections with ECS2024-04-18Show Notes
S3E11The Tale of the Security Datalake2024-04-25Show Notes
S3E12The Tale of KMS Common Issues2024-05-02Show Notes
S3E13The Tale of Troubleshooting with Amazon Q2024-05-09Show Notes

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