Build On Live | Generative AI Special - May 16, 2024

Build On Live | Generative AI Special - May 16, 2024

A 5 hour live streamed extravaganza, where we answer all of the worlds questions about the magical topic that is ✨ Generative AI ✨

Darko Mesaros
Amazon Employee
Published May 15, 2024
Last Modified May 16, 2024
If you’re reading this on May 16, join us at twitch.tv/aws TODAY from 8AM-1PM Pacific Time.
Hello friends and welcome to the Build On Live | Generative AI Special show notes!
TODAY, We’re exploring 3 key concepts throughout the day: 1/ Generative AI Foundations 1; 2/ LLM Fine-Tuning & Customization; and 3/ Using Generative AI to Build End-to-End Applications.
Further your learning around each concept by exploring the curated resource collection, comprising blog posts (📝), video tutorials (🎥), and AWS Skill Builder courses (📓):
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I. Generative AI Foundations

In the first part of the day, we dove into the foundations of Generative AI, navigating through the AWS Gen AI Stack. We covered selecting the right model for your use case by price, performance, and capability using Amazon Bedrock. Additionally, part of the foundation includes best practices in prompt engineering for LLMs, and strategies to save you time using Generative AI tools like Amazon Q.

II. Fine-Tuning & Customization

By the end of this segment, attendees will have refined their skills in fine-tuning and evaluating Large Language Models (LLMs) using Amazon Bedrock. This will enable them to customize foundational models (FMs) securely and privately with their own data. Moreover, participants will become proficient in using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to boost AI search capabilities with vector datastores. They'll also learn to apply RAG to practical scenarios like drug discovery by leveraging extensive knowledge bases integrated with Amazon Bedrock.

III. Building End-to-End Applications

In this module, participants will gain the expertise to construct comprehensive applications powered by Generative AI. They will also learn how to simplify the development process using agents on Amazon Bedrock, facilitating more efficient creation, deployment, and management of AI-driven applications.

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