Let's Talk About Data: An AWS Twitch Show

The Let's Talk About Data Twitch show is a weekly live stream for data professionals seeking the latest news and information on AWS data services and innovation across the cloud. The show covers regular service updates, technical deep dives, new service launches, and interviews in the data space. We host AWS colleagues, community builders, AWS Data Heroes, and customers as guests on the show.

Join us every Wednesday at 4 PM CET on https://www.twitch.tv/aws

Hosts of the show 🎤

Tony Mullen

Tony is a Senior Database Specialist Solution Architect based in Manchester. With a focus on relational database engines, he assists customers in migrating and modernizing their database workloads to AWS but has a keen interest in all things data. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Prasad Maktar

Prasad is a Database Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS based in the EMEA region. With a focus on relational database engines, he provides guidance and technical assistance on database projects, helping them improve the value of their solutions when using or migrating to AWS, designing scalable, secure, performant, sustainable, cost-effective, and robust database architectures in the AWS Cloud. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Ibrahim Emara

Ibrahim is a Database Specialist Solution Architect based in London. With main focus on Oracle and Postgres databases, he works closely with AWS customers providing them with technical guidance throughout their journey to the cloud. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Lydia Ray

Lydia is a Senior Analytics Solution Architect based in Liverpool. She works closely with AWS customers providing them with technical guidance throughout their journey to the cloud. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Upcoming Shows 📆

Come learn live with us! We stream every Wednesday at 4pm CET.
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Jun 12, 2024Maximizing LLM choice and value with Databricks on AWSSign Up
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Past Shows 📆


EpisodeNameDateLink to WatchLink to Show Notes
S2E01Infrastructure as code and automating tasks for RDSJan 3, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E02Migrating a relational workload to modern data platformJan 10, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E03Neo4j Knowledge Graphs and Amazon BedrockJan 17, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E04Migrating MS SQL databases to PostgreSQL Aurora using BabelfishJan 24, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E05Real time analytics with RedshiftJan 31, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E06Deploying Db2 workloads into Amazon RDS for Db2Feb 14, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E07Collect and analyse AWS CloudWatch logs with AI-powered Elastic ObservabilityFeb 21, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E08Graph Algorithms and Vectors with Neptune AnalyticsFeb 28, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E09State of AI/ML in American Sign LanguageMar 06, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E10AI Powered Analytics for SAP Data with Qlik Cloud and Amazon BedrockMar 13, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E11Using Sagemaker with RDS DataMar 20, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E12EXPLAIN Explained Understanding the PostgreSQL planner betterMar 27, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E13Data Driven Well ArchitectedApr 03, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E14Postgres and vector storage - The rise of pgvector in RAG worldApr 10, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E15Amazon SageMaker Canvas and Snowflake integrationApr 17, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E16Data Solutions Framework on AWSApr 25, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E17Whats new in DynamoDBMay 01, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E18Trusted Identity Propagation FeatureMay 08, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E19Amazon DevOps Guru for RDSMay 15, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E20Retrieval-Augmented Generation with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon Bedrock Knowledge BaseMay 22, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E21How PostNL processes billions of IoT events with Amazon Managed Service for Apache FlinkMay 29, 2024Watch hereShow Notes
S2E22Harness the power of enterprise data with Generative AI Powered Assistant - Amazon Q BusinessJun 05, 2024Watch hereShow Notes


EpisodeNameDateLink to WatchLink to Show Notes
S1E01GP3 storage and Oracle GatewayApril 5, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E02Database Migration ServiceApril 12, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E03CertificationsApril 19, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E04Migrating 600 DB's from Oracle to RDS PostgreSQLApril 26, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E05Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQLMay 3, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E06Data Mesh on AWS and Amazon DatazoneMay 17, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E07Women in data initiative in AWS & Building a data lake using DMS, Glue & HudiMay 24, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E08Graph Database and NeptuneJune 14, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E09DynamoDBJune 21, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E10DocumentDB (Migration from Mongo to DocumentDB)June 28, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E11Building a Data lake with DMS, Glue & HudiJul 5, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E12Database Cost Optimization - Amazon RDS and Amazon AuroraJul 12, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E13RDS/RDS Custom sql server what is right for me?Jul 19, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E14XTTS new feature for RDS?Jul 26, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E15Amazon DocumentDB - Encryption, Integration and Indexing?Aug 2, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E16Managing Infrastructure Data with CloudQueryAug 9, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E17Monitoring on RDS Deep DiveAug 16, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E18Effortless ingestion with Amazon OpenSearch IngestionAug 23, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E19Confluent powers realtime outcomes in AWSAug 30, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E20Make complex data management cost-effective and easySep 6, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E21ZeroETL, here to stay?Sep 13, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E22Migration from oracle to postgres in 1hr live demoSep 20, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E23Migration accleratorSep 27, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E24Meet workloads requirements without RAC in AWSOct 4, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E25Can zero be a hero in the world of ETLOct 11, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E26Postgres Tools and Features in RDS from the perspective of an Oracle DBAOct 18, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E27Amazon Opensearch integration with Security LakeOct 25, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E28Aurora, Redshift & QuicksightNov 1, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E29Data monetisationNov 15, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E30How to consolidate your RDS Oracle instances using MultitenantNov 22, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E31Re:invent Re-cap for DataDec 6, 2023Watch hereShow Notes
S1E32Vector databases and embeddings with pgvectorDec 20, 2023Watch hereShow Notes

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